Sunday, April 13, 2014

50 States - California - Los Angeles

When people think of California, they usually think of Los Angeles. This seems natural since the movie industry is based there and its images such as the Mann Chinese Theater and the Hollywood sign.


LA also has beautiful beaches and the funky side show that is Venice Beach about any time of day.


Even the streets are famous. On Rodeo Drive there is the Beverley Wilshire where Pretty Woman took place and the Whiskey on Sunset Strip where about everything has happened.


I can see why people love LA.

Update: I haven't been back to LA since that trip in 2003 but I've been to lots of other places in California since then. See my comment below for links ot other photos.


DemetriosX said...

I'm that rarity of the first few post-war generations, a second generation Angeleno (on my father's side anyway). I spent the first 35 years of my life in the San Gabriel Valley and the beaches of La Jolla. I find that I have almost no affection for the place. I was last there in early 2003, and I hated every minute of it. Can't explain why. The weather was gorgeous, but even from the airplane, seeing sites that should have filled me with nostalgia, just made me want to go home to Germany.

I suppose it's a nice place to visit, but it's amazing how run down a lot of the things people want to see are. The corner of Hollywood and Vine is practically a slum. The Hollywood sign is best seen from a distance. Disneyland will require you to take out a mortgage on your house. I dunno.

Of course, there's a lot more to California then just the two metropolitan hubs of LA and SF. If you get the chance, you should also spend some time in the Mojave, the gold country, and way up in the northeast corner of the state are the fascinating Lava Beds National Monument and Lassen National Forest. I like the Lava Beds more, since it has a lot fewer visitors.

yellojkt said...

These two posts really just reflect my first two trips to California in 2002 and 2003. On the LA trip we also spent a few days in San Diego and drove through Orange County along the coast.

Work takes me to San Jose a lot so I've spent a lot more time in Silicon Valley than anywhere else in California. I've used there as a kicking off point to go to Santa Cruz and Muir Woods as well as into San Francisco.

Santa Cruz
San Francisco and Muir Woods

Two months ago I took a tour of Death Valley and you can't get more un-LA than there.

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