Thursday, April 27, 2006

Enough is Enough

I am very sorry to announce that I have turned on Comment Verification. The ratio of spam comments to real comments has been increasing steadily lately. At first I ignored it and actually found some of them misguidedly kind of funny. I would delete them when I caught them, but many get posted on very old blogposts and I don’t find them until I starting looking through the archive for something.

I have all my comments sent to my blog e-mail address so I can catch the occasional comment on old posts. Within the past day or so I have gotten over half a dozen of this particular spamment:

Very nice! I found a place where you can
make some nice extra cash secret shopping. Just go to the site below
and put in your zip to see what's available in your area.
I made over $900 last month having fun!

There were three in my Stalking Julia post alone, telling me that the spammer may be using some sort of keyword search to find places to spam. This guy making $900 a month is pretty proud of himself. A Google® search for “I made over $900 last month having fun!” yields 84,700 hits. That's an awful lot of spam for someone looking for people needing an additional 10 grand a year. I hope no one is quitting their day job to jump at this opportunity.

The real straw that broke the camel’s back was this one:

Cool site on uncircumsized penis Check out my Penis Enlargement

This stuff appears to be big business. Here’s the website of a guy that people THINK is in the PEP (penis enlargement pill) business and some samples of the e-mail he gets. These folks are desparate. Obviously a need is going unfulfilled, but I really don’t want my blog to be a conduit for the trade.

Besides these spam comments are grossly unfair to the female members of the internet community. My reading audience is roughly half female and I don’t get all sorts of spam for breast enhancement cream. Hey spammers, let’s show a little equal opportunity out there.

Navigate the Turing Test and let me know what you think, as long as you don't want to share a way to make some money on the side. With my enlarged bifurcated penis, I'm thinking I could make at least an extra $900 a month as a porn star.


Vince Young said...

Sigh, I always fail the Turing Test.

J.Po said...

Damn! Since I started using those PEPs, I can't sit close enough to the computer to see the Test letters!

Harmonica Man said...

The exact reason I had to turn on verification. I tried comment moderation at first but that was too much of a hassle, and I know readers don't prefer that option.

I don't mind verification but sometimes it takes me 2 or 3 tries to get it to go through. I think it times out after awhile, and if you type a long comment (such as this one) your current "word" is usually expired by the time you get to it.

Impetua said...

I never minded verification, and it's more annoying wading through all the spams than it is to type in some nonsense word. So bring it on!

When are you posting photos of your newly enlarged bifurcated penis? I for one would probably read your blog even more often for the occasional glance at some unusual goods. And I'm a lesbian!

tamjenic said...

And I came here because I wanted to learn mor about breast enhancemnt creme :(

Mooselet said...

Occassionally, the nonsense words spell something interesting... today is not one of them, however.

The ones in small red font always get me - I'm getting old.

And the thought of anyone having a bifurcated penis is putting unpleasant pictures in my head. ACK!!!!

TBG said...

Actually yello, I think you've got it mixed up. Penis enlargement is mainly for female enjoyment (well.. for the most part--not that there's anything wrong with it). Breast enlargement would benefit mainly the men.

My verification word is gusvadjy. I think I used to know a Gus Vadjy. I think he worked down at the docks.

yellojkt said...

I think tbg is onto something, but it doesn't quite work that way.

Females don't need pills for penis enlargement. They can just go find a bigger one anytime they want. Getting rid of the one they already have and the guy attached to it is the problem.

I worked with a guy whose favorite punchline was "With one of these, I can get all of those I want."

TBG said...

But I never mentioned the pills.

Big Ben said...

Oh well. I thought making $900 a month would be a pretty sweet deal. Gosh drunded spammers.

2fs said...

Actually, my hands exude breast-enhancement cremes. Just call me. (can't blame me for trying...)

trusty getto said...

And I thought word had simply gotten out that I was not particularly well endowed . . .

used*to*be*me* said...

LOL @ TG! I had to do the comment verification for the very same reason. Damned spammers.

Meander said...

This is why I use the verification as well. I swear that half the blogs on blogger are spam blogs. So refreshing to find a live person here! Delightful blog you have here and I shall visit again soon!

Praying for your Prodigal said...

Hate uninvited guests! I have been trying to avoid the word verification process...but may have to turn it on..after reading your post. I know there is freedome of speech in America--but geesh! What about a right to privacy! Get out!

Great post! I'll be back!


dena said...

I've been getting crazy comments all week long, and always on the same post from several weeks ago. Very odd why it's just now happened.

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