Thursday, May 26, 2005

GettingThe Hang Of It

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PBS and Get Fuzzy for Cathy and Marvin. That’s a good trade. See for a detailed account of the blood bath that brought PBS, Foxtrot, and Get Fuzzy to the Baltimore Sun.

They eventually had to bring back Mary Worth and Phantom by popular demand and made room by moving Doonesbury and Boondocks to the editorial page.

Between the Washington Post (40+/-) strips, the 5 the Sun carries that the Post doesn’t and the ones I have to read online to keep current here (9CL and Gil Thorp), that’s only about 50 daily strips. I’m a light weight. Of course I’m blessed to live in an area with strong newspaper comics.

Where I used to live, the Tampa Tribune and the St. pete Times carried about 30 each (with a lot of overlap) but they printed the daily strips in color.

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Another Limerick

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  • In dancing, Seth taught Amos what to do.
    He snuck in and tangoed right on cue.
    He whispers to his dear
    The words she wants to hear
    “Let me button that top button for you.”

    Amos, don’t take advice on seducing women from gay ballet dancers.

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  • Comics Wit and Wisdom

    I have been spending way too much time on Comics Curmudgeon and I hate to see all those sophisticated witty posts get lost forever, so I am going to link to all my funniest posts. This will test my rudimentary HTML knowledge on cutting and pasting links out of other blogs.
    So here goes:

    This was a limerick I wrote about the comic strip 9 Chickwood Lane:

    There was a girl who wore flannel
    And wore less in every panel
    “Before we go to bed
    I want the score,”
    So he changed to the sports channel

    Remember guys, chivalry is a great cover for impotence.

    I had to strip out all the original HTML code because it had all this formatting that was inconsistent with this blogs software. We are going to try again with some more.

    Thursday, May 19, 2005

    Comics Curmudgeon

    I have been posting a lot on Comics Curmudgeon which is devoted to newspaper comic strips. I have read comics and comic books all my life. Comic books not so much now since I have abandoned many of my geekier ways as I trudge through mid-life. Still, reading the daily comics is and always has been part of my morning routine. So here is a website with a large devoted and sick following, most of whom are much funnier than I am.

    This site is very busy, perhaps even more than rec.arts.comics. I was fairly new to the site when I made "Comment of the Week" for a snarky comment about the latest plot line in Apartment 3G. That cemented my reputation as a regular. Now I get hits when you google my alias. When I learn to link better, I will post references to my my funnier posts.

    The internet is great because no hobby or interest is too obscure to merit it's owm wesite/ring/blog/discussion group.