Thursday, May 19, 2005

Comics Curmudgeon

I have been posting a lot on Comics Curmudgeon which is devoted to newspaper comic strips. I have read comics and comic books all my life. Comic books not so much now since I have abandoned many of my geekier ways as I trudge through mid-life. Still, reading the daily comics is and always has been part of my morning routine. So here is a website with a large devoted and sick following, most of whom are much funnier than I am.

This site is very busy, perhaps even more than rec.arts.comics. I was fairly new to the site when I made "Comment of the Week" for a snarky comment about the latest plot line in Apartment 3G. That cemented my reputation as a regular. Now I get hits when you google my alias. When I learn to link better, I will post references to my my funnier posts.

The internet is great because no hobby or interest is too obscure to merit it's owm wesite/ring/blog/discussion group.

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