Tuesday, November 08, 2005

The 24 Hour Meme

Blond Girl loves memes so much she has even invented her own. You have to come up with something for every different hour of the day. Like you’re Jack Bauer saving the world or something. A good meme is tough to invent, so we’ll see if this one catches on or if it is just too hard. I had a difficult time coming up with stuff for every hour. For some reason nothing significant happens at 3 in my life.

12:00 Midnight: My son’s unofficial weekend curfew. Not really an issue yet. A few more years until he can drive.

1:00 am:
This is when Saturday Night Live is over, so it’s the latest I ever stay up and I usually don’t make much past Weekend Update. I stay awake for Tina Fey.

2:00 am:
The summer after high school and before college, I worked the closing shift at Wendy’s. I would get home late and listen to the late night punk rock show on Tampa’s public community station WMNF.

3:00 am:
Nothing exciting in my life has ever happened at this hour.

4:00 am: My dog wakes up a little after 5, so when Daylight Saving Time ends, he wakes up at 4 instead.

5:00 am: Time to walk the dog. If he wakes me up early enough, I can surf for a few minutes before having to shower.

6:00 am:
I have exactly one hour to shower, dress, eat, read the paper, and leave the house to drive my son to school.

7:00 am: The time I was born. My wife was born at 10 pm on the other side of the world, so I am still 2 hours older than her.

8:00 am: Work starts at 8:15. Which doesn’t make sense until you get to the noon entry.

9:00 am: The latest I like to go for my Saturday morning bike ride. Any later and it takes up too much of the family time part of the day

10:00 am: The time my wedding was supposed to start, but was 10 minutes late because my relatives hadn’t finished brunch yet. My wife will never let me live that one down.

11:00 am: Completely stumped. Can’t think of anything special.

12:00 noon: Lunch time. I get 45 minutes for lunch which is not enough time to go out to eat, so I sit at my desk and surf blogs.

1:00 pm:
About when I can get my family out of the house on the weekend if we have something to do.

2:00 pm: A good time for a nap on the weekend if I don’t have anything to do.

3:00 pm: Just like 3 am.

4:00 pm: I just learned what 4:20 means awhile ago. Not that it matters to me. I was just confused by the bumper stickers and stuff.

5:00 pm: Whistle blows. Yabba Dabba Doo. Slide down the dinosaur and start running home.

6:00 pm:
When I actually leave the office. It helps with the traffic and I get more done when the phone quits ringing.

7:00 pm: Dinner time. Assuming there’s no band practice or show rehearsal or study group. Home cooked meals maybe three times a week.

8:00 pm: Anytime after 8 I can give the dog his last walk of the day. Any sooner and he won’t sleep all night.

9:00 pm: The time my son was born. He has never been asleep before 9 in his life.

10:00 pm: My son’s nominal bedtime. This is when the yelling starts. It usually ends about 10:30

11:00 pm:
I had better be asleep by now or I will be uselessly tired the next day.

And you have to tag people for a meme to spread and my memory is pretty bad, so I'm tagging Keb, Twisted Cinderella, mean girl, and lucinda. Give it a shot guys. As always no obligations, no recriminations.

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trusty getto said...

Excellent! I'm still working on mine, 'cause this was a hard one.

Your Mother said...

This is a hard one! I'm working on it though!

Anonymous said...

A fun read! I stay up for Tina Fey too...and then shut it off. The news is so much fun to spoof these days. Too bad it's done so much damage.

kenju said...

I like your answers. I did this meme too, and it was really hard to come up with answers for each hour, so I had to leave some blank.

Anonymous said...

My life is so unscheduled--only when it is imposed from without do I do the same thing at the same time. That's just work, church, organization meetings. Left to myself, I prefer to live in the random moment.

Unknown said...

I may steal this like Karen did. It looks kind of fun.