Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Pick A Weird Habit Meme

Trusty Getto tagged me with a meme about weird habits. I have to list five of mine and then tag five more people. This meme is spreading like wildfire. I think mostly because it is pretty easy and people like to tell embarrassing things about themselves on their blogs. In fact if the similar posts I’ve seen are representative, OCD is a common symptom of bloggers.

Like all these memes I tend to overthink them. A habit is something more than a routine. I walk my dog every morning, but that’s so his whimpering doesn’t annoy my wife so much that the dog and I have to look for a new home. Weird I think means something unusual enough to scare people. Drinking grapefruit juice for breakfast is a habit, but no one is going to think it’s weird. Well let’s give it a try.
  1. I don’t sneeze like a person. I sneeze like a cat. I will build up and then sneeze 5 or 6 times in a row real quickly. Until coworkers get used to it, they always think I’m having some sort of attack. That’s more of a medical condition than a habit.
  2. I “Mooooo” every time I pass cows outstanding in their field. It’s actually a family tradition. My dad does and you do turn into your parents. I like scaring my kid with that fact.
  3. I have to pee as the very last thing I do before I go to bed. Even if I went just fifteen minutes earlier. I just can’t sleep without a totally completely empty bladder. That’s both the most OCD and the biggest TMI thing I know about me. You happy?
  4. I don’t like closed or locked doors. I nearly beat up my college roommate once for locking me out as a gag and giving me a panic attack. I think this stems from the time in kindergarten when the school bus dropped me off and the neighbor that was supposed to babysit never showed up and I just sat outside my locked house for over an hour crying. This is more of a phobia than a habit, but when else am I going to get to air out a childhood trauma like this. P.S. My dog hates closed doors too.
  5. I’m a chronic nose-picker. That’s not even weird. You know you do it too. Everybody does . Even the President does it.
Fremont Bridge TrollThat's me looking for buried treasure in the Fremont Street Bridge troll when I was in Seattle. For more detail click here.

So out of five things, I’m not sure any of them are both weird and a habit. I must not be very good at this. Now comes the tagging part. You know I hate this. Especially since, like the last guy on the block to sell Amway, everybody else already knows about it. I tag Kontan, Courtney, Mooselet, Plain Jane, and one volunteer. Remember that memes are like voodoo dolls. They can only work if you believe in them. So don't worry about any hexes if you blow it off. But tell us weird stuff about yourself anyways.

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Suburban Turmoil said...

A chronic nose picker, Yellojkt? TMI! TMI!

I pick my baby's nose. Does that count?

And I knew the honeymoon phase of my marriage was over when my husband started picking his nose in front of me. *sigh*

Your Mother said...

How are you taking the news about Angelina?

Nose picker huh? I'm not talkin.

paula said...

YJ! I did the SAME POSE with the statue of Albert Einstein in DC!




yellojkt said...

The other required cow related behaviour is to say, "Those must be really great cows. They're outstanding in their field."

yellojkt said...


Where is there a statue of Einstein in DC. I need to get there now.

trusty getto said...

Great meme answers, YJ! I didn't peg you as a nose-picker, I do declare!

paula said...

2101 Constitution Avenue NW.... just looked up the addy for ya!


Anonymous said...

Actually the Aurora Bridge, also known as the George Washington Bridge. The Fremont Bridge is a small bascule bridge to the southwest of the troll.

When I was working in that neighborhood, I saw quite a few pickers, and often thought about hiding a little treasure up there for someone.

Hope you enjoyed Seattle.

Ballard Fremont Edmonds

Anonymous said...

Some people think that "reading every word of Achenblog every day, checking it every half hour during the day and occasionally at night, and commenting on every issue" is a weird habit. I don't think of that as a habit. It's my LIFESTYLE.

Mooselet said...

Ok, I'll do this today.

I also Moooo to the cows when I drive by. I stop, roll down the window and shout "Mooooo!" I also yell at the babies to run away before they become veal. What is it with cows and people.

Mooselet said...

Done!! Man, that was tough.

HRH Courtney, Queen of Everything said...

Ok, done

2fs said...

Uh, okay - since I just linked to this page, I guess I should contribute. 1. For some reason, both goats and monkeys strike me as extremely funny - not only the critters but just the words. Goat! Monkey! 2. If you put a cello and discordant vocal harmonies in a song, no matter what else it's doing, I'll probably like it. 3. My wife and I make cat noises when we, uh, take out the trash. Right. That's when. 4. I am almost constitutionally incapable of not pointing out typos by constructing a joke around them. 5. When making numbered lists, I feel compelled to include one entry that's just a lie.

yellojkt said...

Aurora Bridge? No wonder it was so hard to find. I love that he is clutching a VW. A real VW, by the way.

Anonymous said...

Does it count if I simply went in and pulled these out of my "72 things about me" list?

Either way, here goes:

- Until it is refilled, my meal comes to a complete halt when my beverage runs out.

- I organize my socks by color, and within the colors by pattern. This in spite of the fact that I'm an utter slob in virtually every other facet of my life.

- I like Hall & Oates.

- My first job after grad school was stuffing flyers into the Pennysaver mailers.

- I've followed pro wrestling for nearly 25 years.