Saturday, May 13, 2006

World's Biggest Cher Fan

My wife had a friend from junior high that I always viewed as a romantic rival of mine. I was wrong about that on many different levels, but that is a much longer and more complicated story than I can go into in just one blog post. This is the same guy that got me my part in a Rocky Horror performance.

In addition to having thespianic tendencies, he also was the biggest fan of both Olivia Newton John and Cher I have ever known. One day he casually mentioned that Ronald Reagan had once been on The Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour. I believed him, but he wanted to prove it. We went over to his house and he pulled out a big shoe box filled with audio cassettes. Way before the days of VCRs and AV stereo systems, he had managed to tape the audio from every episode of both The Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour and The Sonny & Cher Show as well as some from their individual series. He would set a cheap tape recorder in front of the TV and record the sound. That is true fan dedication.

He pulled out from the shoebox a tape with the original airdate and a list of the guests. The bit with Ronald Reagan was while he was still governor of California and had him doing a speech he had prepared for the state fair agricultural exhibit but modified to replace “Sonny and Cher Show” for every reference to the state fair. I guess you had to be there. This episode is now available on DVD now and is also summarized on the Jump The Shark entry for the show. I hope he has this DVD in his collection.

What sparked this random recollection is a comment that my very dear blogfriend Lisa Manzi left on my blog asking me to help with a survey that will be the basis for a Cher-themed Family Feud charity fund raiser pitting CherFans against CherDragQueens. It really should be a hoot. Please go over to her post and help her out if you know anything about Cher at all. There are no right or wrong answers, although I am ashamed at getting Gregg Allman confused with Duane Allman. A real Cher fan would not have made that mistake.

And if my wife’s friend reads this (and he should recognize himself), I have this personal private message for him: Please get a hold of us. All is forgiven. I got the phone company to forgive all the 900 number calls and that is all water under the bridge. You are too big a part of our life, apart and together, to not stay in touch.

And the rest of you, search your memory banks and go help Lam(b) and all the Cher-fanatics with a good cause. And while you're at it, Courtney also needs your support.

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Anonymous said...

Here via Michele and now I'm off to visit Lisa's site and tax my childhood memories of Cher.

HRH Courtney, Queen of Everything said...

Thanks, yellojkt. Every bit helps.

trusty getto said...

Very cute, YJ. I had no idea you were a Cher follower. Nice template change, too, btw.

HRH Courtney, Queen of Everything said...

Hey, look at the new digs!
Like it.

Impetua said...

I read your previous post about the Rocky Horror Picture Show -- you told someone it was "too late" and now it's just a campy movie that can be seen on VH1 every Halloween -- well, as of a few years ago, and possibly even today, you could (can?) see it in Portland, Oregon, at the Clinton Street Theater, with a full ensemble cast performing alongside it. I should know... I used to be part of the cast... There was (is?) also full-on toast throwing audience participation.

Mooselet said...

Mate, new template! Cool beans, me like.

My Teen loves Cher. She thinks she's "cool". What goes around comes around.

srp said...

Here from Michele.
Cher was never my cup of tea.
I must say she does have a strong voice though.
Poor Sonny never stood a chance.

Gordon said...

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