Sunday, July 23, 2006

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggety Jog

The 2006 Yellojkt One Lap Of America has finished and it has to be characterized as a complete success. The summer vacation took:

15 states
361 hours
7,290 miles
298 gallons of gas
1,084 digital photos
1 speeding ticket

As we crossed into Maryland, the rain broke and we could see a gorgeous rainbow leading us home. When we crossed the Howard County line, my son gave out a congratulatory “Woot!” We’re home and rested. Lessons I learned over the past two weeks include:

  • Free internet often means needing your own Ethernet cable.
  • Casinos don’t give you anything for free, including bandwidth.
  • When you are averaging 500 miles a day, the last thing you want to do at night is blog.
  • Teenagers can find someone to IM to anytime, anywhere.
  • It is the humidity, but 100 degrees is hot no matter where you are.

I will not be subjecting my loyal blog readers to all thousand plus pictures, but the best, funniest and most in-focus will eventually make it to my Flickr site. We have a great big beautiful country. I’m glad I got to see so much of it, but there will not be a 2007 Y1LoA. That I guarantee.


Mooselet said...

It's good to be home, isn't it? Can't wait to see the pictures.

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

You're a braver man that I for attempting such an agressive itinerary. Sounds like everything went well though. Welcome home!

Elizabeth said...

I'm glad your trip went so well. Thanks for all the updates!!

Your Mother said...

Glad you made it home safe and sound. And with what will surly go down as one of the best family vacations in history under your belt.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like it was a memorable trip. :)

It is always good to be home again though. Sometimes I think that the reason I go away is to remind me of how perfect things are inside these doors.