Tuesday, September 26, 2006

What's In Your Wallet?

About two weeks ago, I got tagged by Mooselet by a meme that seemed particularly female-centric since it was called What’s In There? and had a picture of the contents of her purse. Mooselet had been tagged by Janine at My Ovaries Made Me Do It. Janine had tagged Harmonica Man as well. It turns out that the original meme was What Is In Your Pockets? Since H'man and Mooselet are two of my most loyal readers, I had to play along.

I don't keep much in my pockets. In my left pocket I usually just have two key chains. One chain had the keys to my car and my wife’s car and their respective fobs. Those are pretty bulky. The other key chain has a leather thingie that my kid made back in Cub Scouts. On that chain I have keys to my house, the office, the mailbox, our safety deposit box and a spare key to my car for when I lock the other key chain in the car. It’s my way of protecting me from myself.

I will also have spare change in my right pocket, but I empty that every night onto my dresser, so that is pretty hit and miss.

My back right pocket has my wallet. At work one day we were comparing wallets, and mine was called a George Constanza wallet and a danger to my spinal health. Like George I keep receipts in the wallet, but I throw them away when I enter them into Quicken every week or so.

My wallet has six different sections, and I have tried to organize them in a way that is coherent to me. Here they are by section:

Section 1 – Credit Cards
Three Visas – One is for books only. One is for online purchases only.
One Mastercard – The ubiquitous Capitol One card. I got it just to get them to quit bothering me.
ATM debit card
American Express Gold Card – I pay for the gold level because it gets me advance shots at Broadway shows and stuff.

Section 2 – More Credit Cards
Sears Card
Another Visa on an account I’ve closed

Section 3 – Discount privilege cards

Borders Rewards - used and abused. See any of my BooksFirst posts.
Hollywood Video
Blockbuster Video
Regal Cinemas – good for free popcorn every now and then
Holiday Priority Club
Choice Hotels – I belong to about three frequent stay clubs. I don’t know why these two are in my wallet instead of my the filing cabinet.

Section 4 - Membership Cards

Howard County Library Card
Library of Congress Reader Card - You need one to get into the main reading room. I got it just to say I have one.
Gym membership – Hasn’t been used in four months.

Section 5 – Identification – The one place to go in an emergency
Drivers License
AAA card
Auto insurance cards – including two that are expired
Health Insurance Card

Section 6 Part A – More discount cards
Metro SmarTrip – I need this to ride the DC Metro and pay for their park and ride lots.
Jos A Banks
The Jockey Club – for buying my tighty-whiteys
BJ’s – a local competitor to Sams Club and Costco
REI – Bicycle and outdoorsy gear. REI is technically a co-op and gives card members refunds each year.

Section 6 Part B – Punch Cards – Things you need to collect punches or stamps on.
Atomic Books - 7 of 10 punches
Noodles and Company – 9 of 9 punches – I need to redeem it.
Great Harvest Bread Co. – 1 of 12 – My wife buys most of the bread.
Brusters Ice Cream – 3 of 9 punches
Festival Eatery – 9 of 11 punches
California Tortilla – 1 of 7 punches
Café Bagel – 2 of 10 punches
Moes Southwest Grill – 4 of 9 punches
Build A Bear – 5 of 10 punches - Don't ask.

Main Pocket
$42 in cash
17 receipts

I should have entered the receipts into the computer rather than do this post, but then it wouldn’t be nearly as entertaining.

You can tell a lot about a person by what they have in their wallet. I hope I haven't said too much. Now it's your turn.


Impetua said...

Um, Build A Bear Workshop? Like, Teddy bears? I'm a little... woozy...

TBG said...

My son and I went to an improv club in NYC last winter (The Upright Citizens' Brigade Theatre) where they brought a woman up on stage, went through her wallet and then based an entire TV Network on the contents. It was hilarious.

I'm sure your Noodles & Co and Build-a-Bear cards would help them out a lot.

yellojkt said...

My nieces love Build-A-Bear, so that is the story there. I should also have twice as many punches on the Atomic Books card, but I keep forgetting to use it.

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

Really - You have a Jockey Club underwear card? What exactly does that get you anyway? (I wouldn't know, my wife buys my tighty-whiteys)

For some reason, the fact that you have your wallet compartmentalized doesn't surprise me ;0

J.Po said...

You lost me at Section 3, yello. 3 credit cards, bills in the money clip, the requisite driver's license and health insurance cards, plus a handful of membership IDs (public radio, local member-supported theatre, arboretum and Phila Museum of Art, but alas, no Build-A-Bear cards), and that's it.

Was given a California Tortilla card while meeting someone in Potomac last week, but gave it to the other person...don't get down there often enough. Good burrito, though!

Impetua said...

Sure it's for some niece and not for any sick plush toy fetish. Suuuuuure.

Anonymous said...

Now we know who's responsible for killing the 2500 trout.

yellojkt said...


You had me very confused. Thank goodness for Google. Next time leave a link.

Mooselet said...

You actually carry a credit card on an account that's been closed? Please tell me you threw this away after you went to put everything back, along with your expired auto cards.

I used to have a membership at BJ's. I really miss it and it's where my mother gets her mega-purchases to send to us every few months.

Thanks for playing!

Anonymous said...

Do you know the comic called "Pluggers?" or is that local, I've only seen it in the Sun Sentinel, and I rarely read that so haven't seen it in a long time. ANYWAY, Pluggers are anthropomorphic animals, bears and such, who wear clothes, and they are just regular folks doing what they can to get by, with no pretension. It's a single panel comic. One I always remember when I look at my pocketbook is "Pluggers have more receipts than money in their wallets."

I carry around way too much stuff. I have cleaned my pocketbook out recently, but still have such things as:

(1) an unactivated MasterCard to an account I will never use
(2) my parents' library card numbers
(3) my stepkids' cell phone numbers
(4) a car insurance card that expired in 2003 (the policy is current, though, and the policy number is the same)
(5) a name tag from my 20th high school reunion, with a phone number of a classmate that didn't attend (that was over 10 years ago)
(6) a business card for the electrician who helped us out on a Sunday when our hot water heater stopped working
(7) a phone card (I don't have a cell phone, so it may come in handy someday)
(8) My Visa card, the only one I use
(9) My check card
(10) library card
(11) work ID
(12) voter registration
(13) 2 video store cards
(14) stamps

I no longer carry my membership cards (NAACP, ACLU, Sierra Club, etc.) because I just never seem to get an opportunity to brag about being a "card-carrying member" of something, so it's not worth the trouble.

Sorry this is so long and boring. At least it increases your average viewing length stats... (!)

Now, get away from that computer and take a hike in the woods or something!

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