Saturday, November 04, 2006

Curmudgeon Found

This post will make sense to perhaps five people in the entire universe, but since I’m one of them and I find it amusing and it’s my blog, here it goes:

We all have an online persona. For most people, their face on the web is close to who they really are. For others, it is a liberating creative outlet. One of the funniest people I know on the web doesn’t even have his own blog. Curmudgeon, as he is known on the Achenblog, (not to be confused with Josh the Comics Curmudgeon) is a larger than life character that tells long rambling shaggy dog stories, coins groaningly bad puns, and has a slightly askew but marvelously perceptive outlook on any issue.

Alas, ‘mudge (as his handle is frequently abbreviated) has gone missing. The details are unimportant, but his character has gone wondering the desert southwest on some sort of atoning visionquest. There have been various dispatches and sightings along the way, but most of these are red herrings and smoke screens. I have to announce that I have found ‘mudge and have the evidence. Look at the two pictures below.

The one on the left was taken in February at one of the infamous bacchanalians known as a Boodle Porching Hour (or BPH) where fans of Joel Achenbach gather to prove there is no level of celebrity too low or obscure to not have a demented and slightly frightening cult of personality fanbase.

The other picture is from the November 4, 2006 episode of Apartment 3G. Perpetual bubblehead LuAnn Powers has just met Bill Gibbs, the occupant of the artist’s loft next to the one she has been borrowing. This man is not named Bill and is clearly the person I know as Curmudgeon. While some may argue that the comic character is wearing suspenders instead of a cummerbund, don’t let an artist’s mistake fool you, he is the real thing.

I think ‘mudge is making a big mistake messing around in the world of comics. The life of an A3G character is doomed. You will be used and abandoned by these “girls” that have shared the same apartment for 45 years. Men in their life never even get past second base with any of the Dorian Gray-like hotties of 3G.

Mudge, give up your attempt at a fresh start in a new medium. The Washington Post doesn't even carry Apartment 3G. You are missed and needed. Get your perky blue bottom back to the Boodle.

Blatant Comment Whoring™: Share your favorite Curmudgeon story or tell me about some outrageous character you know from the blogosphere.


Anonymous said...

This post makes sense to me because I have been lurking on the Achenblog for about a month now. I really enjoyed Curmudgeon's posts. I think he is one of the most well-rounded (pun intended) boodlers on the blog. Somehow, his alter ego, the Welshman, is not nearly so wry or witty. Please try to bring him back. I hope he reads this from wherever he is.

New Lurker

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

Wow - what an uncanny likeness! It seems you may have solved the mystery after all.

btw, did you mean to call LuAnn a perpetual bobblehead rather than bubblehead? On second thought - both seem to fit.

yellojkt said...

Margo is the bobblehead. Lu Ann is the bubblehead. Tommy is, well, Tommy.

Anonymous said...

I have more hair than he does.

--posted from an Internet Cafe on the outskirts of Yuma, Arizona

Anonymous said...

I second what Curmudgeon said.

I, too, have more hair than he does.

Funny, stuff, yello.