Sunday, February 25, 2007

Short Subjects And Oscar Predictions

I would call this Bullet Point Sunday but that would be a trademark violation of Dave’s signature bit. None of these are worth a whole post by themselves, but too good to waste.

  • My dog loves the snow. We got a surprise 4” storm today. It was just the remnants of the blast that walloped Colorado once again. Meanwhile, a Chinese ice sculpture tournament had to be called due to melting. This global warming sure is random. The Washington Post also called Al Gore a rock star because his Powerpoint presentation is about to win an Oscar.

  • Since Fat Tuesday fell on my birthday this year, I didn’t mention Mardi Gras at all. I wrote a long post about New Orleans last year and included a link to this picture, but didn’t show it. Here I am in my infamous yellow jacket in front of the New Orleans Hard Rock Café. We didn’t actually eat in it. You don’t go to The Big Easy to eat burgers from a memorabilia chain. This was back in the days when Hard Rocks were few and far between. My blog buddy Dave has been to nearly every Hard Rock there is. My list is much less extensive. I’ve been to the Orlando, Boston, Baltimore, and DC Hard Rocks and that is about it.

  • My wife and I went to see The Queen last night since we wanted to see why Helen Mirren is considered a shoe-in. In keeping with Mooselet's Saturday Skinfest (NSFW), I offer this vintage photo of Helen letting her very healthy puppies breath (and I’m not talking about Welsh Corgis).

  • I don’t have a lot of horses in the Oscar race this year. Martin Scorcese should win just so he can even the score with Three 6 Mafia. Another winner I am predicting is that Jennifer Hudson will win the award for Best Person Playing Themselves for her role as Sassy Singer in Dreamgirls. Previous winners in this category include Marlee Matlin for Deaf Chick That Sleeps With William Hurt, Henry Fonda for Dying Old Codger, Shirley MacLaine for Wacky Nutjob, and Roberto Benigni for Nutty Italian.

  • I also have an announcement. As a rating stunt on par with Discovery Channel’s Shark Week, this Saturday will kick-off Meme Week here on Foma*. I have a few memes already on deck, but if you have a favorite of yours, let me know and I may get around to them. And you are welcome to play along.


Dave2 said...

Oh there are quite a few Hard Rocks I haven't been to...


Impetua said...

Woot! Thanks for the puppies.

I <3 memes. Yay! Something to look forward to!

Mitch McDad said...

The Oscar thing was very funny. And right on the money. Nice job.

Anonymous said...

OK, not to get into pedantic, Al Gore-esque lecture mode over what was actually a passing remark, but ... even in the worst-case-scenario for global warming, it isn't going to transform everywhere on Earth into either the Sahara or the Amazon, with no more snow ever. It's going to raise the average temperature worldwide by several degrees celsius. Since Maryland typically spends most of December through March below freezing, snowfall here isn't going to be eliminated; it will just get rarer and less intense (remember this past December and January, anyone?).

Sorry to be snotty but I have to read every damn political cartoon in the country for my Wonkette gig and wouldn't believe how many moronic "AL GORE HAD TO BUY A COAT HAW HAW" comics have been churned out over the past month or so.

Anonymous said...

Dear God I hit that Mosslet link at work.


Anonymous said...

Heh. Puts me in mind of an old Doonesbury strip where one of the characters is watching an awards show and the nominees are identified by their status level: an up-and-coming star, an old hat who paid his dues but never won anything, a steady performer, etc. "And the winner is...The old hat who paid his dues but never won anything!" "Accepting for the old hat..."

yellojkt said...

Sorry about the mooselet link. I'm so used to it, it doesn't phase me.

I do not remember that Doonesbury, but it is very funny that I would subconciously channel it.

yellojkt said...

Anything I say about gloval warming is at least partially tongue in cheek. Al Gore sure is riding that horse hard.

Mooselet said...

I've never considered myself NSFW before... wow. This puts me into a whole new category.

I plan on renting The Queen when it comes out - I do like Helen Mirren and her win was well deserved. I do like the quote from The Sun - "With a fine set of Golden Globes to her name already..." Hee! Indeed.

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