Sunday, March 04, 2007

Meme Week Kick-Off: Key Party

To boost ratings, cable channels do stunts like running theme weeks. Discovery Channel has Shark Week. Other channels have done other theme weeks as well. I’m pretty sure every week is Hitler Week on the History Channel.

My own version of this is going to be Meme Week. For this to be a true Meme Week, the idea would have to spread to other bloggers, but I really don’t have than kind of pull or influence. For now it’s just me coming up with a clever way to purge myself of a meme backlog. If you out there have any memes that I need to be aware of please let me know.

Readers of this blog know that I am very ambivalent about memes, mostly because so many are so lame. nearly all of them sound like they were written by bored seventh graders, which they probably were. The best ones follow a theme and are intriguing and thought provoking. The worst of these are just a list of astoundingly random questions, and we will get to some of those this week.

The first meme is one I got from Harmonica Man and is very similar to the What’s In Your Wallet/Purse/Pocket meme I did awhile back. That one called for a picture and description of all the jetsam and flotsam you carry around with you. I included a my keys as part of that list.

For this meme, Badoozie is asking for pictures of your key ring. I have no idea what she wants them for, but she has collected plenty already.

I keep my car keys on a separate key chain for security while valet parking and the like. Because I do it so often. It’s just easier to keep track of. I recently got a new Hyundai SanteFe to match my wife’s Hank Azaria Hyundai Azera. Since they are both from the same manufacturer, the keys, and even worse, the remotes are very similar. Hers has three buttons on the front and mine has only two. Nonetheless, I am always accidentally locking or unlocking her car doors or trunk, much to her annoyance. Even more annoying is that I seem to randomly set off the panic switch of one or the other vehicle rather frequently. And the horn to my car is LOUD.

The other key chain has a house key, a mailbox key, and a safety deposit box key. I have never used the safety deposit box key. My wife works near the bank and can get there during banking hours when we need our passports or other important papers. I would take that key off the chain, but then I would never find it if and when I ever needed it.

The leather key fob is a Cub Scout project my son did years and years ago. You can't see it, but there is an eagle's head impressed into it. These are the kinds of trinket that dads get stuck with the rest of their lives.

I used to have a key to the office, but at my new job they have security cards instead. So I was able to lose a key off the chain, but gained a proximity card to fit into my already Castanza-esque wallet. Since I get to work before the receptionist arrives, I get to do the butt bump every morning to the card reader to get in the door. Not a maneuver you want to watch.

There, that was a relatively easy and fun meme. Show us your keys. Even better mail us a wax impression of them with a street address and a GoogleMap® print-out of directions to your house.

BlatantMemeSoliciting: You’ll never here me say this any other time of the year: Hit me with your memes.


Anonymous said...

Beyond crazy: I have nine keys on my key ring. I know what exactly four of them go to.

Anita said...

Please forgive me for this TOTALLY off topic comment (couldn't find your email address anywhere on the blog). I saw you posted over at Thumper's place that you have a new Santa Fe. I'm a blogger in the midst of a serious new vehicle search, and the Santa Fe is high on my list. Wondering if you had a sec to let me know how you like it and what else you considered?


p.s. I've now gotten all absorbed in your blog, especially the blogs about Chessie. I have a cocker spaniel/poodle cross, Teddy, that I'm wild about.

Anonymous said...

thanks for participating in the key meme, i think what your keys say about you is that you appreciate the simple things in life, you enjoy being organized, and for a guy, you think ahead. You also insist on checking your mail on a semi weekly basis, whether or not you want to.

meme on

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

Madame Badoozie collects these pictures and then "reads" your keys like a tea leaf or tarot card reader, like she did above. She was even able to predict what kind of car I will buy next. Eerie!

sage said...

I'd show you my key rings, but then I'd realize that there are at least three keys I am not sure what they're for and another one for a house I no longer live in and one for my office before it was rekeyed and one that was... oh well, you get the picture. Here from Michele's.

2fs said...

I'm too lazy to post a photo - plus my keys are in the other room where my wife's asleep - but I'll try to list the inventory by memory. I have two sets of keys - one is basically my car keys and (I think) some other key I rarely use - these are connected to a wallet-like thingy, with the key for the car I drive dangling loose and the other keys tucked in. My other set of keys (for everything else) contains: front door house key, back door house key, key to my office at school, key to one of my classrooms at school, key to the main door at my off-campus job, key to the office door at that job, plus a fob (thanks for the word, yj) which is a medallion about the diameter of a dollar coin, but thicker, commemorating the 25th anniversary of local community radio WMSE (got it for a donation) - a very cool radio station which also broadcasts online. Some of those keys are similar, so two are wrapped in plastic head surrounds, while another has smeary black marker on it (not a good ID method - note the smeariness - but I didn't mark it (it's that classroom key, which I'm supposed to return at the end of the semester when I no longer use that room). Incidentally, I'll pass along a tip on those confusing car fob doohickeys: blob some paint or nail polish on one of them so you can tell them apart.