Thursday, March 13, 2008

Post 500

I don’t make a big deal of milestones on this blog because I just don’t pay that much attention. But when I noticed that I was approaching 500 posts, I took notice. Five hundred is a lot of anything. I don’t bicycle 500 miles in a summer. I own less than five hundred CDs (well maybe that many, I haven’t counted lately). Five hundred is two hundred more than the Spartans that stopped the Persians. Okay, those aren't good examples. Let's just say five hundred is a lot and leave it at that.

It’s taken me nearly three years to reach this milestone. Over the years I have waxed redundant on all sorts of pop cultural phenomena and strip mined my meager uneventful life for hopefully amusing anecdotes. My biggest fear is to start repeating myself. I often find myself putting together a particularly pithy phrase only to vaguely remember using it before. I'll use Google to check for prior art just to keep me from plagiarizing myself.

When you include the bon mots and vignettes I leave in the comments of other blogs or in the boodle of the Achenblog, I have a body of work that exceeds the ability of my rapidly declining memory to catalog. I fear that when I hit blogpost 5,000 sometime in the late fall of 2025, I will have become the doddering uncle that tells the same story at Thanksgiving dinner year after year.

I'm just daily astonished that the world is a big enough place that there exists a couple of dozen people willing to spend a couple of minutes a day just to check out what sort of disjointed ramblings I have most recently cobbled together.

And that is where it comes full circle. I never would have made it to 500 posts if I hadn't found my particular sad and demented but sociable niche of the blogging community. One of the odd virtues of the virtual world is that it can be an itimate and personal place. As those porchfront sages Ed and Frank used to say, "Thank you for your support."

BlatantCommentWhoring™: Am I deserving of kudos or am I just tooting my out of tune horn?


Jeff and Charli Lee said...

...strip mined my meager uneventful life...

Sorry for laughing at that, but that's funny. ;-)

Congrats on the milestone. I think that IS something to celebrate. I'm sitting at 420 and you can be damned sure you'll hear about it when I reach 500.

Elizabeth said...

Congratulations on your 500th post! You are totally deserving of kudos! You are number two on my morning blog stroll, right after I read the Rumor Queen on China Adopt Talk. I love when you log about trips you takes and all the picutes you post. I can't wait for the posts from England!
:o) Elizabeth

Impetua said...

I have kept you on my ever-changing blogroll all this time for a few reasons: you're a real human being who blogs about all kinds of stuff, some of which I don't really identify with but I do make an effort. You obviously care about your family, which is important to me. You have wide and varied tastes. And, it appears that you read my blog, at least on occasion if not more, which I consider to be a professional courtesy and warms the cockles of my heart. And whose cockles among us don't need a bit of warmth in these cold, cold days?

Blog on, yello. It's a beautiful thing.

yellojkt said...

You are one of my oldest and most loyal commenters. And I love your blog because it is such a great diary of your professional growth. Keep reading.

I'm glad it got a chuckle. It was meant too.

Anonymous said...

As the retirement home sage once said, "It's a little of Column A and a little of Column B." But nobody's holding it against you.

There are so many times when I'll read something you've written and I say to myself, "Wow, with a nudge in my life this way or that way a few [OK, more than a few] years ago, I could have been this guy". So I wish you congratulations on reaching Number Five Hundred and promise that I'll keep encouraging you if you'll keep encouraging me, my spritual Brother From Another Mother.

The Mistress of the Dark said...

I say congrats are in order! It's a milestone!

Mooselet said...

You are well and truly deserving on kudos, congrats and a hearty good on ya! And there is nothing wrong with a little self-tooting... wait, that doesn't sound right. Oh you know what I mean!!!