Wednesday, July 09, 2008

I'm Baaaack!

In case you had been furiously clicking on the refresh button for the past ten day, we (in the royal sense) at Foma* Central have been on a perhaps not well-deserved but definitely much-needed vacation. Since I managed to blog every day while in England earlier this year, keeping up from Cape Cod would seem to be a snap. The rental house had Comcast broadband with wi-fi. We even brought along my son’s sparkling new Apple MacBook Pro that he somehow convinced my wife he absolutely needed for college.

Computers are now necessary traveling accessories. Every family we were with brought at least one, and up to three with them. Some evenings the living room was filled with four college-aged kids all staring into the screen of their respective Facebook walls.

So it wasn’t means or motive that stopped me, it was the three-on-a-match laptop sharing that kept me away. Between my son zoning out on Flash-games or my wife compulsively checking her e-mail, I just didn’t feel like conspicuously hogging the sole family computer for the lengths of time it takes me to put out a quality blogpost with my usually witty repartee.

Besides, on vacation there is so much more to do. We had taken bicycles, so I managed to fit in over 80 miles of riding over the week. We did a couple of day trips that required early starts and it’s tough to get eleven people all headed in the right direction that early in the morning (and for the college kids, ‘early in the morning’ encompassed any time frame before noon).

By waiting until the end of vacation to blog about it, I get to bore you with tedious horizontal slices of the trip rather than diary style day-to-day minutia. You will (and that’s a threat, not a promise) see posts about lighthouses, bookstores, bicycle trails, and clamshacks. Complete with photos. Maybe not all at once, but definitely eventually.

As a teaser, here is a partial list of the places where we either toured, ate, shopped, or some combination of the above:

New Bedford
Oak Bluffs

New York
Saratoga Springs


BlatantCommentWhoring™: So what would (or should) I have done in any of those places?


Elizabeth said...

I've never been out East, but did any of those places have farmer's markets? I love visiting farmer's markets in different cities.

Anonymous said...

I want to hear all about Mianus...


yellojkt said...

I forgot to put Mianus on the list, but I have photographic proof that I have seen it.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back! This looks like one of those vacations where you spend more time expending energy rather than conserving it. But I'm betting that you had a ton of fun nonetheless.

Anonymous said...

You need an iPhone so you can post from the "road". I don't like being deprived of Foma* for so long.

The Mistress of the Dark said...

I have a rule about real vacations. I don't post during them. That's why they are vacations. Now if I'm at my brother's that's a different story :)

Either way, welcome back :)

2fs said...

I don't think you need to apologize about disrupting your posting regimen on vacation! Otherwise, it wouldn't be a vacation.

Anyway, remember: what happens in Mattapoisett...uh, no, actually it doesn't.