Saturday, April 18, 2009


In a lot of ways Venice is like a theme park. Once the trading center of the eastern Mediterranean, it is now a preserved-in-amber tourist spot. The novelty of a city with canals instead of streets and the age of this slowly sinking city are its major draws. With only 60,000 full-time residents, it draws millions of tourists each year.

And if it's a theme park, it's E-ticket ride is the gondola. Gondola rides run about 120 euro for 20-30 minutes which is really steep for a couple, but justifiable if you have a group of six to split it among.

My wife and I took a gondola ride with some of our tour group but in a chivalrous gesture, I gave the other premiere seat at the back of the boat to one of the other wives with us, all the better for me to take pictures from the bench seat at the bow of the boat.

P1020983 IMG_3090

Our gondolier gave us a great tour and answered all our nosey questions about the economics of life in Venice. Apartments are small and expensive and most buildings are slowly being converted to tourist hotels. As a gondolier you have to stay close to the job.

IMG_2995 IMG_3059 IMG_3050 IMG_3075 IMG_3086 copy

Gondoliering is a physically challenging job and you do have to wear the funny shirt, but each gondolier has his own sense of flair.

IMG_3024 IMG_3028 IMG_3031 IMG_3035

We took our ride right after lunch on the beatuiful Campa Maria Formosa. Like most Italian cities, they take a siesta right after lunch so most of the commercial boat traffic on the canals was missing. Instead we say plenty of other tourists riding in their gondolas.

IMG_3034 IMG_3030 IMG_2983 IMG_2962

The ride took us onto the Grand Canal right near the Rialto Bridge.


And from the Rialto Bridge you can get a great view of what almost amounts to gondola gridlock.

IMG_3137 IMG_3143

I mean there is nothing like being on the Grand Canal in a gondola. It really is the most picturesque thing.

IMG_3158a IMG_3168a IMG_3172a

But in the pre-high season spring, there seem to be more gondolas than gondoliers as they are parked everywhere. And they aren't cheap. Our gondolier told us they cost about 40,000 euros each.

IMG_3151 IMG_2949 IMG_3032

And the detailing on a gondola is just gorgeous.

IMG_3004 copy IMG_2971 IMG_3010

So until the tourists show up gondoliers have a lot of time on their hands which they use to serenade other gondoliers or just relax while waiting for a fare.

IMG_3016 IMG_2973a IMG_2972

So while it is a splurge, I heartily recommend taking a gondola ride in Venice. It's every bit as cheesy and cliched as a carriage ride in Central Park (or any other big touristy city for that matter) but there is only one place on Earth to get an honest to goodness Venetian-poled gondola ride. Besides gondola is such a fun word to type when you blog about the experience.


If you haven't figured it out yet, all the pictures are clickable and there are even more photos of gondolas and gondoliers in the full Flickr set.

Happy Gondola-ing.


The Mistress of the Dark said...

The gondolier in the red striped shirt is kinda cute :)

Flyboy said...

Looks like y'all had a great time floating through Venice.

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

Is a striped shirt some kind of unofficial uniform for these guys? Looks like fun. I'm assuming all of these canals are "no wake zones" huh?

A Free Man said...

Great photos. I wish we had gotten to Venice during our years in the UK, but it's sooo expensive!

trusty getto said...

Is that tower thingy modeled after the one in Vegas? It looks almost exactly the same as the tower at the Venetian . . .

yellojkt said...

If they did, they did a pretty piss poor job. You can't see it but the other side was all covered in scaffolding to fix the job the crappy contractors did 500 years ago. Construction quality has slipping steadily.