Monday, January 18, 2010

Best Golden Globes

Last night was the kick-off the awards season with the Golden Globes which liquors up its nominees for three hours and then shoves them on stage. And the awards very name lets me bludgeon this joke to death:

How about these Golden Globes?

That's Mariah Carey on the left doing her best Queen Latifah impersonation and on the right is Christina Hendricks revealing what made all those men mad.

I've been doing some variation of this joke since 2006 (yes, I've been blogging that long). But four years has classed up Drew Barrymore. Check out the before and after:

As for the awards themselves, meh. Avatar won and James Cameron cemented his placement in the Dork Hall Of Fame for giving part of his best director speech in Na'Vi. He also wins the Passive Aggressive Award for claiming he was sure his ex-wife Kathryn Bigelow was going to win for Hurt Locker. Way to twist that knife, jerk. And anybody that thinks his bit about thanking everybody was magnanimous needs to check up the concept of 'false modesty'. It takes big egos to make big movies and Cameron is the King Of The World.

Update: For my tirade on the Washington Post coverage of the Golden Globes, read this article.

Another Update: For more Golden Globes coverage (or lack thereof) check out the HuffPo slide show where I stole found my pictures.

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The Mistress of the Dark said...

I just don't get the world's love for Cameron's films. There's not a one I'd pay money to see.