Sunday, October 10, 2010

Mini 500

While the Ramblin' Wreck Parade is one of the premiere events of the Georgia Tech Homecoming weekend, another activity has gotten more recognition as the result of a PSA being aired during Georgia Tech ACC football games.

While that video involves some Hollywood magic, the real race is just as bizarre. Teams are given an unassembled stock tricycle which they have to put together and paint. The teams consist of four riders and three in the pit crew. Here is the team from my son's fraternity with their tricycle:


The racers have to push the tricycle around the course. The most common posture is to put one knee on the trike seat and push with the other leg.


Although some people take fancier poses.


The other common technique is to sit on the tricycle backwards and push with both feet.


The race is between 10 and 15 laps of Peters Parking Deck which is easily a half mile around. This takes an enormous toll on the trikes and the riders. Wipeouts are frequent.


The front tire in particular is prone to blowouts and many trikes run on rims.


As the tricyles fall apart beyond repair, the teams just give up and resort to silly stunts.


Or just run around with the remaining parts.


The event draws a huge crowd and I was far from the only photographer grabbing pictures of the racers and wrecks.


Eventually someone comes up with enough laps to win. I have no idea if this team won, but there sure are showing some enthusiasm.


For lots more (perhaps too many more) photos of all the wackiness, check out the Flickr set. And if you are ever in Atlanta for Georgia Tech's homecoming check out the race itself.

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