Monday, January 13, 2014

50 States: Hawaii

Of the 50 states, my wife and I have visited, Hawaii is the the least recent having been back in April of 1987. I had just graduated from college and as a graduation present my parents gave us tickets to visit them in Hawaii. My dad had been transferred there just after we had gotten married.

In Hawaii we stayed at their house just a block off the main shipping canal for Pearl Harbor. They loaned us the use of a unairconditioned Chevette for going around the island. And that we did. Oahu is the most populous of the Hawaiian islands and it is the one most associated with the public image. The view of Waikiki Beach with Diamond Head in the distance. But even just on that island there are plenty of other things to do.

The most historic place is the Arizona Memorial in Pearl Harbor. I'm still ironically bemused by the number of Japanese tourists that visit it.


One of the more kitschier things is the Polynesian Cultural Center with it's hula dancers in grass skirts but its lots of fun.


The quieter attractions are on the off shore, which includes surfing and nature trails. I'm not sure if it's still there but we even visited a pineapple plantation. Also on the North Shore is the Byodo-In Temple in a gorgeous tropical setting.


However, my favorite place was Waimea Bay, a sheltered inlet for snorkeling. The fish literally eat right out of your hand if you remember to bring some frozen peas along.


I really want to get back to Hawaii to see even more of the state, particularly the Big Island and Kauai. I hope I can do it sooner than the 26 year it has been.

 Here are more pictures from that long ago visit to Hawaii.

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