Monday, February 17, 2014

50 States - Connecticut

Like Delaware, Connecticut is an easy one of the 50 states to pass through rather than stop in. But in 1999 on our way up to Maine we did make the qualifying night's stay in Connecticut. Our destination was Mystic Seaport, a destination I only knew about because of the Julia Roberts movie. And sure enough there really is a Mystic Pizza. And a shipyard.


The Seaport is devoted to big sailing ships and they have plenty of them. The museum has active shipbuilding done the old fashioned way for movies and museums.


The other town we stopped in was New Haven which is home to the college with the biggest inferiority complex in the universe. I'm not sure why because the campus is gorgeous with architecture that has both colonial and gothic themes.


We spent a lot of time in the 1990s and early 2000s visiting college campuses as part of a subliminal propaganda campaign aimed at our son. College campuses often show off an area at its best. They have beautiful buildings and lush lawns. A partial list of campuses we spent time at with him in addition to Yale, include Harvard, MIT, Stanford, Duke, Wake Forest, Maryland, Virginia, Virginia Tech,Tennessee, and of course, his future alma mater, Georgia Tech. Here he is at Yale and wearing a Yale shirt.


Connecticut is an interesting state full of disparities. The areas just outside of New York are enclaves of privilege but the neighborhoods surrounding Yale in New Haven are desperate slums. But it is definitely worth stopping for sometimes instead of just passing through.

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