Sunday, March 30, 2014

50 States - Washington

On the same trip in 2004 when we visited Oregon, we spent most of the trip in the state of Washington. Using Seattle as a home base, we took a big loop around the area. Seattle is home to a major coffee chain you may have heard of. In Seattle they use the original logo with mermaid hair not so strategically placed.


Their first store is right near the Pike Street Market which is also where they throw fish around.


From Seattle we headed down to Mount Ranier which is a truly majestic mountain.


From there it was down to Mount St. Helens which has still to recover from the catastrophic volcanic explosion. Downstream of the crater is a lake full of timber still floating waterlogged.


After a brief sojourn in Oregon, we headed back towards Seattle via the Olympic Peninsula. The Pacific Coast is rugged but beautiful.


We saw amazing wildlife from a giant slug on a redwood tree to a herd of elk in a river bed.


There were also brilliant fields of lavender.


The drive back to Seattle included a ferry right back with a great view of the city.


Seattle is home to plenty of things to see including the Experience Music Project and the troll under the bridge.


From there it was up the coast to the Orcas Islands which meant kayaking.


Back in the Seattle area, we took a boat tour which went past the mansions of the Microsoft millionaires.


Our final stop in Seattle was the cozy neighborhood of Pioneer Square which is the home of Elliott Bay Books which while no Powells, was a gorgeous well furnished bookstore.


Washington had a bit of everything, fantastic vistas, beautiful nature, and urban wonders.

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DemetriosX said...

Only part of Washington I've seen is an industrial park in Vancouver and a bit of the road up toward Mount St. Helens. We were trying to get there, but got distracted by Ape Cave. It's not quite as interesting as it sounds and there are much better examples of lava tube caves down around Lassen Park in California.