Monday, April 14, 2014

50 States - Idaho

It was about this time last year that we visited the penultimate of our 50 states, Idaho. Idaho had lingered long on the list because it's hard to get to and there is not much to see if you are not a hardcore skier. But it turns out there is more to Idaho than meets the eye. Boise in particular is a delightful college town, home to the Boise State Broncos and their signature blue field.


As the capitol of the state, it has the requisite huge capitol building complete with a replica Liberty Bell.


Downtown Boise is rather quaint with old buildings, one of which houses a very prominent drag bar.


Just outside of Boise the Snake River, which seems to snake through most of the state, is home to grand overlooks and raptors.


But most of Idaho is rural at best. One area, the Craters of the Moon National Monument, is so foreboding as to be frightening.



Our last stop in Idaho was at Idaho Falls where a childhood friend of mine has been living for over thirty years.


The town of Idaho Falls had the requisite Mormon Temple as well as a bar that Harrison Ford hangs out in when he is in the area.


Idaho has charm and wonderful scenery but nothing can change how incredibly remote it is.

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