Saturday, October 18, 2008

Buzz Around Town

I promised/threatened a while back more pictures of Buzz. These are the first half of the buzzes that I found. Here there are in order with commentary.

IMG_1541Buzz is a Management Grad
[sponsor] Gary & Libby Jones for the College of
[artist] Samantha Mach, GT Student ‘09

The College of Management is on the east side of I-75/85 which makes it a leap from the traditional borders. This buzz is all office, but his tie has become unglued and I had to prop it into place for the picture.

IMG_1389Buzz BuzzCard
[sponsor] Georgia Tech Auxiliary Services
[artist] Philip Auslander, Deana Sirlin & The
Collision Company

Buzz Cards are the combination student IDs and debit cards that all students have to carry. The yellow parts of this Buzz are covered in tiny pieces of Buzz Cards.


The Buzz Around Campus
[sponsor] Michael B. Randall, Randall - Paulson
[artist] Kristie B. Chamlee

This Buzz is painted with beautiful vignettes of Georgia Tech including the Tech Tower. It's one of the most beautifully rendered and artistic buzzes, but the images are just a little busy to figure out without getting real close.

I've gone and posted two pictures of this one so that you can see both sides since they are very different.

IMG_1376Heritage Buzz
[sponsor] Kimberly Davis-Blackstone, IE ‘86
[artist] David Boyd, Jr & Nicole Young

I really don't get this rather abstract pattern. It must mean something to somebody.

IMG_1379Bee Green Buzz
[sponsor] Georgia Tech Foundation
[artist] Helen Kwon

To fit the recycling theme of this Buzz, his shirt is covered in small glass beads and his tail has some sort of fluffy fabric on it. And of course, his wings are green.

IMG_1373COE Super Star
[sponsor] College of Engineering
[artist] IDSA Georgia Tech

This is my favorite Buzz of them all. It's sponsored by the College of Engineering and they tried to make him a tough nerd. He has the buzzsaw mohawk and leather studded wrist cuffs but he also wears a white short sleeve shirt with a pocket protector. To see the welding glasses he had on before I managed to take the picture, see this other Flickr picture.

[sponsor] Kappa Sigma Fraternity
[artist] Rob DeLoach

Missing In Action. This Buzz never got installed.

[sponsor] Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity
[artist] Carl Wilson, GT Student '09

Another abstract pattern, but at least it is in the official school colors.

IMG_1357I am an AIESECer
[sponsor] AIESEC
[artist] Donna Sammander
I have never hear of this organization which stands for Association Internationale des Étudiants en Sciences Économiques et Commerciales and is some sort of student exchange program. Their Buzz is just as baffling as their organization. It seems to be some sort of globe covered with stamps.

IMG_1460George P.
[sponsor] Sigma Chi Fraternity
[artist] Wendy Jackson

This Buzz named after fictional student legend George P. Burdell has one of the prime locations on campus, right in front of the stadium. His GT pennant went missing by the time I stumbled across him.

IMG_1467Sigma Nu is a Buzz
[sponsor] Gamma Alpha of Sigma Nu Alumni Assn
[artist] Tex Grubbs

Another premium location Buzz, right in Callaway Courtyard. The guy that did this Buzz has pictures of it under construction.

Egyptian Buzz
[sponsor] Delta Sigma Phi Fraternity
[artist] Jason Hawkins

Another no-show.

IMG_1457A Buzz Aquatic
[sponsor] Peter Mocker ISyE '03 & Jennifer Hinkel
INTA '03
[artist] Julia Berman

Just as the name suggests, it is an aquatically themed Buzz with lots of fishies all over it. I assume the name is a play on that very bad Wes Anderson movie.

IMG_1451The Hamilton
[sponsor] Clint Padgett EE ‘95
[artist] Kristen Holden MGT '92 & Amy Johnson

I have no idea what the "The Hamilton" is supposed to mean. It doesn't call up and Tech lore that I'm familiar with.
If you somehow stumbled onto this post and have pictures of your own, feel free to join the Buzz Around Town Flickr Group I set up.

I'll post the rest another day when I'm fresh out of other blog ideas. Meanwhile enjoy the pics.


Jumper said...

Thanks. I've been tracking these since several communities started glomming on to this "art" fad. Gainesville FL did "alligators" and Asheville NC did "bears," several imitated (including NY which was not the first) "cows" and there's a town or two that did "moose." Lord knows what else or what's next.

Mooselet said...

Somebody did moose? I need to see these!

Thanks for the pics. Just a shame people feel the need to break off part of them as some kind of souvenir.

Anonymous said...

Seattle had Pigs on Parade - twice - in 2001 and 2007. In 2001 it was to celebrate the Pike Place market centennial - it has a large statue of a pig. 2007 was the Chinese year of the pig.
I'm not sure this was the first city to do this - hope not.


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