Thursday, December 14, 2006

Looking Golden

I love it when people agree with me. Not many do, but the Hollywood Foreign Press Assocation shares at least a few opinions of mine. The Golden Globe nominations were announced today. While most of the news stories will lead with the Leo vs. Leo and Clint vs. Clint drama in the movie department, I want to look at the television nominations because I have some dogs in those fights.

Alec Baldwin got nominated for Best Actor (Comedy or Musical) as the over the top exec in 30 Rock that torments Tina Fey and Sarah Paulson from Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip is up for Best Actress (Drama) for playing JesusGirl, a martini-swilling born-again love interest for Matthew Perry. These were both winners in their respective categories in my Studio 60-30 Rock Face-Off a few weeks back. Sadly, neither show drew a Best Show nod, so the final verdict will have to wait for Emmy season to see if either show can get recognized there.

Other highlights:

  • Matthew Perry got an acting nomination for a TV movie, but the halo effect from his fine work in Studio 60 may help him.
  • If you want a Best TV Actor Comedy nomination, it helps to be on NBC Thursday nights. Each show in the newly reformed Must-See-TV-Lite block got one nomination. Alec Baldwin is up against lead-ins Zach Braff, Jason Lee, and Stephen Carrell. Only Tony Shaloub is on another night or network.
  • Heroes trumps both S60 and 30R with nominations for Best Drama and Best Supporting Actor for Geek God Masi Oka.
  • The Best Show On Television, Battlestar Galactica is completely shut-out once again despite other cable shows like Big Love and Weeds getting multiple nominations.

The Golden Globes are the "fun" awards show since nobody, except the people with careers riding on it, really take it seriously. And maybe Drew Barrymore will show up with her Golden Globes again.

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Anonymous said...

I must be a loser because these are the only two shows I watch....especially Studio 60...and neither got nominated. Oh and Old Christine, which did, so I'm saved.