Wednesday, December 13, 2006


There are ways to tell when a trend is over. It makes the cover of Time magazine. Your mother takes it up. And it becomes a punchline for the comics.

The egotism required to put your words unsolicited out on the internet attracts a certain naive narcissism.

I have no idea how many people in the real world have a blog or read a blog, but some comic strip writers think just putting the word 'blog' in a punchline is a sure fire gut buster. Like this one:

Hey, I wrote about my ACL repair surgery. That’s a cheap shot.

Mining the same bloggers-have-no-readers vein is this Pearls Before Swine.

I have to thank fellow Achenboodler and erudite blogger in her own right, kb, for passing along that last one. And least I think I should thank her. Maybe she was telling me something.

There is another Time maxim that states it takes three examples to prove a trend. If this brief sampling is any indication, blogging will join the pantheon of lame comic strip jokes along with blinking clocks on VCR's and making up stuff on your Christmas newsletter. Because it's so original and it never gets old.

See you in the funny papers for more Ouroborosean blogging about comics about blogging.

Blatant Comment Whoring™: Post or describe your meta-blog-comic sightings.


Jeff and Charli Lee said...

That's too funny. One of my early posts was indeed about an infected toe. But fortunately my transparency doesn't bother me.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure I've ever posted about any of my medical issues. Except possibly my memory loss - I can't recall.

Someone should name a band The Blinking Twelves.

Anonymous said...

The weirdest thing about blogging is not that you spend your energy writing stuff that nobody could possibly be interested in. The weirdest thing is that people do read it.

And the best thing about it is: if my daughter is blogging, I get to read about her life. If she's not blogging, I have the comfort of knowing she is too busy living to document her every experience--that's even better.

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