Monday, July 09, 2007

The China Blog

I spent the Independence Day holiday fighting off the somnambulistic effects of jetlag by downloading and sorting the pictures from our trip to China. After I deleted the unredeemably blurry ones, I had about 2,500 images to deal with. That is clearly more than anyone should ever inflict on anyone. Once I get them backed up to a dozen or so CDs for archival purposes, I will begin posting them to my Flickr account in big chunks. I will probably err on the side of inclusiveness.


At the same time I will begin posting to a separate photo blog that I have set up just for my China trip. In many ways it will be similar to Asia Trip 2005, the blog I kept for the pictures from my trip to Vietnam two years ago. This new blog, called China Sights, will have no real official connection to Foma* (which you are reading now) and will mostly be short posts describing a particular picture that hopefully reveal some aspect of Chinese history, culture, or society. In case you don't bookmark it or add it to your RSS feed, I have added a link in my sidebar.

I also have nearly three hours of video footage, some of which will eventually wend its way onto YouTube if I cut or edit it into enough bite-sized chunks.

Longer and more light-hearted posts about the trip will occasionally be posted here as space and time permit. There are just too many other things going on in the world for me to stop the world while I drone on about my travels. After all, the Foobpocalypse is in full swing and I have an upcoming class reunion to obsess over. And bad television isn’t going to snark itself.

I hope loyal readers of this blog will read both blogs, but the choice is yours. The great questions and comments I got on my posts about China make me eager to share, but there is only so much I can get to at once. My goal is to exhaust my photo material well before the Olympic games when way more people will be focused on China. Think of China Sights as your sneak preview to the endless scrutiny that will begin as 2008 approaches.


Anonymous said...

This is wonderful. I doubt that I will ever go to China, so this is as close as I will get. So, your son took his jester hat along? Did he get comments or strange looks (could you tell)?


Jeff and Charli Lee said...

Let's see, Vietnam in 2005, Vegas a few months ago, China in 2007. You're a lucky guy.

I went to Wisconsin last year!

Elizabeth said...

I just bookmarked it! I hope to be in China next year so I am relly looking forward to your pictures and posts! Thanks for taking the time to do this!
:o) Elizabeth

yellojkt said...

That was the one and only appearance of the jester hat on the trip. I don't think he stood out as much as I did with my read hair.

Vegas was nearly a year ago. And I have never been to Wisconsin. It's on my places to go.