Friday, August 03, 2007

The Best Place

I'm on my way to my semi-annual pilgramage to New York for the weekend. Gonna see some shows and treat my son to a steak dinner. One of my fantasies is to live in New York for year. That assumes that I make enough to live it like the people in the movies that always have nice Upper West Side brownstone or a East Side co-op. But I'm not sure how much of a Noo Yowker I am. Blogbuddy Claude is a transplanted New Yorker so he has the bona fides.

You Are 36% NYC

Okay, so maybe you've been to NYC. But you probably really live in Connecticut.

As much as a loathe to admit it, my heritage is New England even though I never lived there. Maybe that is why I like HRH Courtney, Queen of Everything (she recently gave herself a promotion) because she is true Boston and I get to live vicariously through her.

Dude! You're 77% from Massachusetts!

Okay, either you come from the western half of the state or from the Boston area. Still, it's not bad, so I'll give you the thumbs up. Cool!

How Massachusetts are you?
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I took some quiz I found on Google that finds your best place to live. It was not a joke quiz and took awhile to do. I was a little pissed when I got to the end and it wanted tons of personal information, so of course I lied to it. Still it came up with good ideas.

FindYourSpot presents Your Top Spots

Your Top Spots

Albuquerque, New Mexico The Pulse of New Mexico
This city's International Balloon Fiesta features 850 hot air balloons each October…
Population: 471,900 | Average Home Price: $211,000 | Precipitation: 8" | Snow: 15"

Portland, Oregon City of Roses
This Oregon city has the nation's largest forested municipal park, the aptly-named Forest Park
Population: 2,000,000 | Average Home Price: $259,000 | Precipitation: 36" | Snow: 5"

Little Rock, Arkansas Where America Comes Together
All Maybelline products distributed in the U.S. are made in this fashion-conscious spot…
Population: 595,600 | Average Home Price: $177,000 | Precipitation: 48" | Snow: 5"

Las Vegas, Nevada Entertainment Capital of the World
Ladies' Home Journal called this one of its Best Cities for Women, citing skyrocketing job growth and shriveling crime rates…
Population: 1,722,000 | Average Home Price: $250,000 | Precipitation: 5" | Snow: 1"

Honolulu, Hawaii America’s Tropical Paradise
This state capital has long been an important port city; its name is Hawaiian for "protected bay"…
Population: 905,300 | Average Home Price: $786,000 | Precipitation: 23" | Snow: 0"

Baltimore, Maryland The Sparkling Harbor City
This Atlantic seaboard city is home to the National Aquarium…
Population: 651,000 | Average Home Price: $310,000 | Precipitation: 40" | Snow: 18"

Hartford, Connecticut The Insurance Capital
This Connecticut city is home to America's oldest State House, oldest public art museum, and oldest continuously published newspaper...
Population: 871,500 | Average Home Price: $221,000 | Precipitation: 41" | Snow: 42"

Seattle, Washington The Emerald City
The game "Pictionary" was developed by a waiter in this town in 1986…
Population: 3,300,000 | Average Home Price: $435,000 | Precipitation: 35" | Snow: 15"

San Jose, California The Silicon Capital
This city is home to Lou's Living Donut Museum, a combination donut shop and museum with tours and a secret recipe...
Population: 898,350 | Average Home Price: $747,000 | Precipitation: 16" | Snow: 0"

Washington, District of Columbia The World's Greatest Capital
This most patriotic of American cities was laid out by a French architect…
Population: 572,000 | Average Home Price: $572,000 | Precipitation: 39" | Snow: 16"

Cincinnati, Ohio The Queen City
This big Ohio city with the small-town feel is home to baseball's first professional team: the Reds started in 1869…
Population: 1,690,000 | Average Home Price: $161,000 | Precipitation: 39" | Snow: 19"

At least both Baltimore and Washington came in the Top 10, so maybe I'll stay where I am for now.

BlatantCommentWhoring™: Are you living in your best place?


Paul Nichols said...

Good morning!!! Hmmm. Looks like you have a spread-out variety of places to live. You must be "All-American."

Here from Michele's. Hope you have a good weekend.

Anonymous said...

Wait, what? Baltimore is the "Sparkling Harbor City"? That's awful. I'll never make fun of "Get in on it!" again.

Seriously, I wouldn't expect them to use "Bodymore, Murderland" or "Mobtown", but "Charm City" is, well, charming, and has the advantage of being actually used by residents.


yellojkt said...

And the best part of "Charm City" is you never know whether it's being used ironically or not.

Cedar said...

I used to live in Minneapolis, and I miss it so much. I've been trying to convince myself to move back, and I was toally answering the questions with Minneapolis in mind. And I somehow got Cleveland Ohio and Iowa City. Maybe I don't know Minneapolis as well as I thought I did.

Elizabeth said...

Yep! My top place was Ketchikan, Alaska. Since I live in Juneau I'd say I'm close enough.
:o) Elizabeth

Sue T. said...

Ee-yuck! My top place is Las Vegas. No WAY I'd want to live there. #2 is Albuquerque -- I absolutely love Albuquerque and could definitely see myself living there someday, so that's a hit. #3 is Oakland, and I live approx. 5 miles away from Oakland. #6 is Honolulu -- I've never been to Hawaii but if I was a multi-millionaire, I'm sure it would be a terrific home.

Mitch McDad said...

I'm 74% NY. I guess you can take the kid out of the city, but you can't take the city out of the kid.

Anonymous said...

I came in at 32% NY and some of that was bogus. I mean, I know what a bodega is because I grew up in southern California. And I can swear in more than one language because a) I grew up in southern California and b) I live in Germany. Just goes to show the obvious provincialism of New Yorkers, who think that everything there is unique to the city. Good grief, people in Armadillo Fart, New Mexico know what a bodega is and can probably do at least a little swearing in another language.

The other thing said I should live in some town in Maine I never heard of. The whole Pacific Northwest was suspiciously absent. Frankly, I'm staying where I am.

Anonymous said...

Strangely, Little Rock was also my number 3...and I can't think of a city I hate more. Also, Vegas and Honolulu were in my top ten. These are, of course, nowhere near where I really want to be (I even specified "no deserts"!). I can't see myself living outside of Florida (we have the best news stories) and I just moved to Fort Myers for the third time in four years, so I'd say that I'm living in my best place. Even though I don't really like this town, I keep coming back. Inexplicably.

HRH Courtney, Queen of Everything said...

Yes, I did give myself a promotion (thanks for noticing), as a dear friend very recently gave me an actual crown (which is gorgeous).

Boston's a great place, and my little suburban hometown is as well. I'm glad you're enjoying the tales. For the first time in my life, I'm enjoying the telling.

HRH Courtney, Queen of Everything said...

Oh, and Baltimore, Maryland actually came up as #1 on my best places. Boston was in the top 10, and it was largely eastern seaboard, although Orange County and SanDiego, CA, and Albequerque, NM came up as well.

Anonymous said...

Mine was Baltimore :) I wish I can get in touch with yellojkt (no way other way except to post here) here is why...

Dear “yellojkt”
I found your blog Live by the Foma while I was doing research for a documentary about Brandy Britton. While I am very familiar with how the story was covered in the mainstream media, I am especially interested in how it was discussed in blogs such as yours. I was fascinated by the viewpoints expressed, the focused nature of comments and the bearing the conversation took. Sometimes it was motivated by moral and ethical principles while sometimes it took a totally emotional path.
While I know you have resisted continuing to comment on Britton in the context of the allegations that she was part of the DC Madam’s ring, I am wondering whether you would be able to talk to me more about the blog itself. I feel it is such an important part of the story and goes well beyond the sensational aspects of the story. I would love to discuss this request with you by phone and/or in person.
please email me at and I will send you more info about myself.

2fs said...

My first was Salem, OR - I suppose I could see that. Probably I like larger cities than their definition led me to - they didn't define what they meant by midsize, etc. (I live in Milwaukee - metro area just under a million: I consider that a midsize city. Chicago, New York, LA: those are large cities.)