Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Blog365 - More Madness

You would think that after the death march that was National Blog Posting Month, I would have sworn off silly self-aggrandizing blog challenges. You’d be wrong. When I first got the bulk e-mail notice that a NaBloPoMo somebody was proposing going for a full year, I thought it was madness. It still is, but when I read the fine print, I found that the definition of a daily post is pretty elastic.

The biggest loophole is that it doesn’t have to be all one blog. Since I keep two and a half blogs already, that only comes to three posts a week each. I think I’m already hitting that. I just need to pace myself better.

My biggest hurdle will be vacations. I have at least one trip planned this year that will make daily posting challenges. I’m going to have to resort to pre-writing or post-dating a few entries to keep the bookkeeping straight, but trips tend to be great blog fodder, so the net effect will be a plus.

Here is my page there if you want "friend" me or toss me sheep or whatever silly WebSocial-2.0.A.(b) thing they do. I'd like to know I'm not the only sucker falling for this.

I post this on New Years Day where people traditionally make all sorts of silly rash promises to themselves. For a blogger, this Blog365 has got to fit right in there with eating better, exercising more, and spending wiser. All good ideas. We’ll just see how it goes.

BlatantCommentWhoring™: How soon until I regret this?


HRH Courtney, Queen of Everything said...

I'm actually leaving the badge off of my template, as I can't figure out how to make it link back to the site. Plus, I hate flash badges.

I'm on the death march with you. One day down.

Anonymous said...

Ummm, hasn't anybody noticed that 2008 is a leap year? All those 365s should be 366s.

In November, you started to hit a wall around week 3, but that might have been due to external factors. I figure you're going to have a rough spot starting around mid-February and carrying you to the NCCC in late March. That will give you a breathing space and reenergize you. May could be tough, but then comes your son's graduation, the conventions, the Olympics, the campaign, son starting college, the elections, and then the aftermath. You may have to go politics heavy, but if you can make it to the summer, you ought to be able to handle it.

yellojkt said...

In the fine print, they give Leap Day as a day off. Real daily bloggers will ignore that.

2fs said...

Nope. Not doing it. One month is doable while still being fun - and I didn't "commit" to it until I had like 17 posts in 11 days anyway - but a year? Sounds like a great way to make something fun turn into a hated obligation.

I did 265 posts last year. I'll take the hundred days off, thanks.

TBG said...

Good luck, yello... I'll be looking forward to your year of posts.

yellojkt said...

Between my three blogs, I made 258 posts in the last six months. That's quite a pace. Only 107 of those were on Foma*

Anonymous said...

I have faith in you. You'll be bitching about it before not too long (blog fodder!), but you'll slog through it successfully and manage not to bore everyone silly in the process. Having three different blogs will certainly make it all a bit easier.

I won't commit to something like this, but I'm hoping to post much more often this year. I think the three weeks I took off re-energized me some.

The Mistress of the Dark said...

I pretty much could make the challenge but i won't commit to it, because of vacation. I have a "no blogging on vacation" policy. And since I went nowhere last year, I intend to go somewhere this year, if it kills me :)

Happy New Year!

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

I'm not nearly that ambitious - or creative. I settled into an every-other-day posting schedule right from the start and have really liked that pace. But good luck to you. Just don't forget to enjoy the reason you're blogging in the first place.