Friday, March 14, 2008

London Diary - Day One

We flew overnight int Heathrow Airport, leaving Dulles at 11 pm and arriving in London about 10 am. Which meant I got about five hours of sleep on the plane. England starts Daylight Savings Time (or British Summer Time as I'm told its called) for a few more weeks, so its a four hour difference right now.

We checked into our clean but tiny hotel room in the quaint neighborhood of Lambeth on the south bank of the Thames. Our tour guide is a big burly but friendly woman with a Phd in Medieval Studies. She sheparded us a on orientation ride through The Tube. From the Embankment Station we took a walking tour of Trafalger Square, Charing Cross, Chinatown and Covent Gardens.

In Chinatown I HAD to stop for a photo of at Lee Ho Fooks complete with Chinese menu in my hand. Those of us over 40 had to explain to the ones under 30 the mythological musical significance of this landmark. What are they teaching kids these days.

The evening meal was fish and chips and since we were all exhausted and turned in early. I watched several hours of really bad BBC. Just like I might have at home.

Time for breakfast. More updates to come.


TBG said...

Sounds like fun. I hope you get a chance to have a piƱa colada at Trader Vic's just to make the trip complete.

Anonymous said...

Was your hair perfect?!? I can hardly believe you're blogging away, but I should have known you would. I enjoy your trips almost as much as you do. No flying!


courtney said...

Ditto on mostlylurking's comment, and OF COURSE you had to stop there. I totally would have.
AHwoooo, werewolves of London. Tell them hello for me.