Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Smuttiest Strip In Print

For a long time the comic strip Arlo and Janis has held the undisputed title of Smuttiest Strip In Print®. While 95% of this strip is typical domestic slice of life stuff, every now and then one slips past the censors. Like this one from last week:
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Someone please come up with the explanation that you can use to a comics editor that explains that this is not a reference to a little light bondage play that went wrong and eventually required that aid of paramedics, a locksmith, and/or a hacksaw.

But now a new strip has jumped into the breach. While Doonesbury is on yet another hiatus, the Washington Post has been running a test strip so new the ink is still wet. Daddy’s Home is about a work at home dad and the trials of tribulations of being in a non-traditional domestic relationship.

In many respects it resembles the similarly themed Adam@Home, but like Arlo and Janis, it occasionally goes to a dark space. Take this one from yesterday:
Nameless Dad is getting all excited (literally) about the possibility of an unexpected Special Occasion Sex Act only to have his hopes dashed by his smirking wife that just wants to catch a little late night television to help her fall asleep.

This would be a slightly risqué one-off it weren’t for a previous strip where Mom and Dad find some time for a little kitchen countertop afternoon delight that plays out like this:
Yikes. Nothing deflates a work at home dad like a negative reference to his staying power. No wonder he spends his days lusting after cooking show hotties.Yummo. I'm sure the lotion bottle and box of tissues are just off-panel.

And being home all day he could be chasing after the other daytime denizens of his illustrated Wisteria Lane if it weren’t for his cock-blocking kid.
So in a three week trial we have learned that Daddy is a sexually frustrated couch potato who is regularly ridiculed by his sassy wife. It’s as if Ted Forth never got a new job. And speaking of My Hero, there is nothing like a business trip with the wife to put a little lead in your strategic sourcing pencil. This is the smirk of a very lucky lady, or at least one that is about to get lucky.

In the meantime, Arlo needs to watch his back. Daddy’s Home. And he’s gonna give you a run for your money.

BlatantCommentWhoring™: What other comics work blue?


Anonymous said...

Well, 9 Chickweed Lane certainly likes to walk the line, though maybe just a little less daring than A&J. McEldowney's other strip, Pibgorn,is even smuttier, but since it's a webcomic he can get away with more. Apparently, he does away with any of the editorial objections when he issues book versions.

Daddy's Home looks pretty bad. Marvelous relationship. They look to be an empty nest away from the Lockhorns.

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

I like it. He's like the Ray Romano of toon husbands.

Anonymous said...

OK, I'd say that you include other countries than the States in the mix, these are as far from smutty as they come, peruse some examples from syndicated (running in national newspapers even) Norwegian comics:
(Doesn't even need a translation, other than that the "broph! boph! boph!" are onomatopoeias for farting noises.
Or this debate on whether or not "they are real":
Or nasty German dwarfs:
Just for laughs, a Swedish comic, not very dirty, but this particular strip happens to be in English:
Another Norwegian one:
(Translation: "There's a strange man in my bed! He looks really disgusting!" "I can't remember anything! Maybe..." "Sorry Nemi-" "But that hair doesn't lie.!"
(Translation: "Hey! The weathers too nice to sit and watch porn all day Julius!" "Hmm... he's right!")
(A strip about buying condoms)

So, what do you think, a bit smuttier?

yellojkt said...

Those are some mighty smutty strips. I can't imagine any newspaper in the UA publishing those.

Anonymous said...

Just out of curiosity yellojkt, why not?
Would it be illegal, against censorship laws or something?