Tuesday, July 08, 2008

WaPo Gets Fünke

Ending weeks of speculation, the Washington Post named Tobias Fünke as its new managing editor. The surprise announcement stunned veteran press watchers because Tobias has no previous publishing experience other than his vanity press edition of The Man Inside Me, a recent featured selection of the Provincetown Library Book Club. His first action as editor was to extend health benefit coverage to include treatment of severe gymnophobia.

Fünke replaces veteran editor Gordon Downie who is retiring to spend more time touring with his band, The Tragically Hip Replacements.

The announcement was made by Katherine Weymouth, niece of aging bass guitarist Aunt Tina of The Talking Heads. K-Wey, as she is referred to by former WaPo National Enterprise Reporter Joel Achenbach (aka A-Bach), took time from her busy schedule filming romantic comedies to welcome Tobias to the family saying that despite recent downturns in circulation, there is always money in the banana stand.

Photo credit (all left side images): Joel Achenbach


Jeff and Charli Lee said...

And to think this event would have gotten by me!

jkoc... this kind of story is exactly why I enjoy your blog. Who else is going to cover this stuff?

Elizabeth said...

I have no idea what any of this means, but you did a really good job of matching those people with their celebrty twin!

yellojkt said...

Don't worry, Elizabeth. Some of the jokes are so obscure that even I don't get them.

One hint: The new Washington Post legal counsel is Bob Loblaw.

2fs said...

"Aging" is a very strange adjective. Literally, of course, everyone living is "aging."

So what does it actually mean? It appears to be a "polite" (which is to say, actually far ruder than bluntly stating it) way of saying either "no longer pretty," "outmoded," or "just plain senile." (Judging from the photo at Weymouth's Wikipedia entry, she still looks pretty good.)

Funny how women get to be "aging" in their fifties...whereas men of that age are, if they're fit, often described as "virile"...