Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Return Of The Creeper

I've been playing with the new camcorder I got to replace the warhorse that I had taken to Vietnam and China but which has seem to have given up the ghost after many years of fine service. One of the ostensible purposes of the new camocorder is to document my son's marching band participation whenever possible. As I mentioned way back on this post, the Georgia Tech Band performed for Fox and Friends, the Fox Network version of Good Morning, America. Here is my view from the sidewalk of them performing that morning:

Georgia Tech Band on Fox and Friends from yellojkt on Vimeo.

I was trying to capture my son playing, but as you can tell, the dance squad kept getting in my way. Here is a screen capture of him from after the band finished playing just to prove I have a son and I'm not just a creepy guy with a camera.

Notice that the embedded clip is hosted on Vimeo, a high-definition video sharing site that has way more restrictions than YouTube, but much better streaming video quality. YouTube has greatly expanded their storage limits and now uploaded videos can be up to 1GB in size. However, in the default setting, the video plays is "standard definition" which is just painfully pixelated.

If you click on the clip, it will open in a separate window where you can switch to hi-def mode which still doesn't look as good as the Vimeo version, which can also clicked on for an even better version. But YouTube is a classic case of network effect. If your video isn't there, it won't ever be found. This video and a pure Flash version of the same clip have already been seen over 40 times with no promotion on my part up until now.

IMG_2597And in my post titled The Creeper, I linked to a Fox clip that showed me stalking in the background snapping a photo of Ainsley Earhardt. I'm pretty sure this picture is the one I was taking. Hey, if taking pictures of bubble-headed blondes on the news is wrong, I don't want to be right. And you can see more pictures of the band and even a few of the pom squad here.

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