Thursday, February 12, 2009

25 Random Things About Facebook

  1. Facebook was founded by Mark Zuckerberg who was a student at Harvard, the same school Bill Gates dropped out of to found Microsoft.
  2. Zuckerberg dropped out to become CEO of Facebook.
  3. His friends sued him when they found out he used their code.
  4. They sued him again when they found out how much Facebook is worth.
  5. Facebook is estimated to be worth about fifteen billion dollars.
  6. I have three Facebook accounts.
  7. Yellojkt Yellojkt is for my imaginary friends.
  8. My real name is for my family and people that don't know I blog.
  9. Mo MoDo is so that I can leave comments about Maureen Dowd on blogs that require a Facebook account like Huffington Post.
  10. Facebook has been banned by the Maryland General Assembly.
  11. The 25 Things About Me Meme has been done over five million times.
  12. Claude at Baltimore Diary is one of them.
  13. The Girl From Park Heights is another.
  14. Time Magazine finds the 25 Things meme very annoying.
  15. The Wall Street Journal tried to figure out who started it, but couldn't.
  16. Slate is looking too.
  17. Dan Zak of the Washington Post wrote a 25 Random Things List about the meme.
  18. The 25 Things meme requires you to forward it to 25 friends.
  19. I don't have 25 friends on Facebook.
  20. Yellojkt has 17 friends.
  21. My real name has 14 friends.
  22. My son has 587 friends.
  23. Stanford teaches parents how to use Facebook to spy on keep up with their kids.
  24. I do a lot of silly memes.
  25. I don't do memes that come from Facebook.


Marvel Goose said...

I attempted to mutate the 25 Things meme. Didn't work. People like wearing underwear, I guess

Ed & Jeanne said...

I get too bored and unfocused to make it through 25 of anything. Well..ok...the age one snuck by there while I was angsting at the time...

Katarina Whimsy said...

Dude. 25 is the largest I've ever seen, but I came out as bi to my mom in a "ten things no one knows about me meme" in 2005. The concept is not new.

yellojkt said...

25 is enormous. I draw the line at 7 or 8. There is only so much random crap I can come up with.

Read/Think/Live said...

I have 39 friends on Facebook and I love the random nature of the collection. I connect some extremely DIFFERENT folks. I am excited that my friends' kids occasionally accept my friending invitations. Also my own kid.

I would not *tag* my Facebook friends. The fact that they are so random and varied means there's never any one thing that I could send to all of them, anyway.

I haven't tried the 25 things--I did a list once but I think it was 6 or 10 things. Maybe it was only 5 things. It was hard for me, anyway.

Mooselet said...

Please define "imaginary friends". :-)

Your son has how many friends??? Holy crap that's a lot.

Thumper said...

I kind of like the 25 Things learn lots of odd things about people. Mine wasn't enlightening, but doing one for my cat, that was fun...

yellojkt said...

Imaginary friends are real people that I met first on the internet.

I had it wrong. My son only has 288 friends.

John F Jamele said...

Your son doesn't have 587 friends. He has several hundred people willing to sign on to his site. There's nothing more pathetic than the bastardization of the word "friend" that things like Facebook has wrought.

I have about ten friends. I know they are my friends because we go to movies together, talk on the phone, play softball, and can lean on eachother when we are down. I don't have a Facebook account, so I can't claim 500 or so "friends" who are just lines of type on a screen.

The Mistress of the Dark said...

I don't even have Facebook