Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day Mind Mush

With the regular season of television over, I have taken to catching up on old television shows. Here is some of the stuff I have been melting my brain with.

It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia. 5 episodes. I found this show surfing Hulu and got hooked on it. It's one of those shows where all the main characters are complete idiots and each episode revolves around some ill-conceived scheme. Somewhere along the way Danny DeVito joined the cast and he brought his inner Louie De Palma. The funniest bits are when these unlovable losers interact with normal people.

American Dad.
1 episode. As I was going through the Hulu list of top episodes, I kept running across American Dad. It seems to be one of the more popular series on the TV site. I'm not a big fan of Seth MacFarlane, but the episode I ending up watching had a World of Warcraft parody. South Park has done it better and funnier.

Sex and Consequences.
Back onto Hulu, I started browsing the movie selections and found this sub-Cinemax thriller aka Last Sunset. Joan Severance plays a manic-depressive housewife who takes up with a teenage kid while her cop husband Corbin Bernsen gets increasingly suspicious.The movie was a trainwreck I couldn't tear my eyes off of. Definitely avoid this stinker at all cost.

Firefly. 3 episodes. I never caught this seminal science fiction show in it's initial showing. I had bought the box set a while ago. I had plowed through most of the episodes some time ago but hadn't quite finished up the series. Two of the episodes had never been aired before this show had been canceled.

Freaks and Geeks. 5 episodes and commentaries. Perhaps the show I am most upset over getting canceled. I've blogged about how closely this show set in 80s mirrors my life in high school. I had seen nearly every episode on its first run, so I had never even broken the shrink wrap on the box set. I've started rewatching the series from the start. The DVDs are loaded with commentaries with at least one for each episode.

This is one of the shows that are starmakers for a bunch of the cast. James Franco is now a big movie star. Seth Rogen is everywhere, most recently in Observe and Report but also Zack and Mira Make A Porno. On TV, Linda Cardelinni has done five seasons of ER and Jason Segal is part of the brilliant How I Met Your Mother ensemble. Even the cameos are fascinating a decade later. For example, Rashida Jones of The Office and Parks and Recreation guest starred as a Journey jersey wearing tramp.

BlatantCommentWhoring™: What old show is on your Wanna See list?


A Free Man said...

It annoys me that Hulu is only available in the US. What's that about?

To answer your question, we've been watching The Cosby show over again. Still a great family show!

TBG said...

My 15 yo daughter has found every episode of Freaks and Geeks (there are only 18!) online and spends entire nights watching them. She's developed a huge crush on Jason Segel as a result.

Without a doubt one of the best shows ever on TV.

yellojkt said...

I came home today and my son was on disk 4.

The Mistress of the Dark said...

I need to see Firefly...cos I do believe Nathan Fallion (sp) from Castle was in that and I do love him.