Friday, May 29, 2009

Sonia Sotomayor: Celebrity Justice

Here at Foma* Central we have a long proud tradition of supporting Supreme Court nominees going back to our classic Harriet Miers post. Sonia Maria Stotomayor, Barack Obama's first pick for the highest court is especially inspiring. She came from humble beginnings. As the daughter of single mom in the Bronx, she had to overcome hardship to succeed. And she has no lack of smarts. She graduated at the top of her class at that notorious New Jersey diploma mill, Princeton. She has also selflessly served with distinction on lower courts for years.

Sotomayor reminds of me other famous groundbreaking women that would be good role models for a Supreme Court justice. So let's have a look at the celebrities and charcters that also have inspirational backgrounds that could be a touchstone for our next SCOTUS member:

Rosanne Barr

The gum-smacking domestic goddess was a fresh face in television by upsetting the schlubby guy/hawt wife paradigm that dominates family sitcoms. She dared to prove that a housewife can be every bit as obnoxious and annoying as any man. What a way to break up a stodgy old boys club.

Mindy Cohn

Fun-loving Natalie from The Facts Of Life was the soul of the all-girls Eastland School For Very Special Episodes. She could always be counted on making the right decision while snacking on a candy bar. Her plucky charm always won over Mrs. Garrett and our hearts.

Connie Chung

Pioneering reporter Connie Chung is another example of a woman of other-than-pasty-white color breaking into a previously male-dominated field, in this case, network news anchor. She represents the inquisitive nature needed for person on the bench. Hard-hitting questions are a must and if any cases involving disputed paternity reach the high court, Connie's husband Maury Povich could add some technical assistance.

Natalie Wood

What better Newyorican could there be than Maria from West Side Story? Who's to say this singing star-crossed lover didn't go on to law school to help her Tony out of all his legal scrapes only to end up as a Supreme Court justice? Now that would be a great story. I'm humming "Life is all right in Amereeeca" at this very moment.

BlatantCommentWhoring™: What heroic woman does Sonia Sotomayor remind you of?


The Mistress of the Dark said...

Looking at those pictures, she's almost a cross between Roseanne and Mindy!

yellojkt said...

I'm glad somebody noticed that.