Sunday, July 26, 2009

Grand Springs and Great Views

Prismatic Pool

This image is going break a few browsers, but I just can't justify posting it any narrower. This is the Grand Prismatic Spring in Yellowstone and is a composite panorama of five individual images. The spring is just too big to bet into one frame.

It's good to travel but it's also good to be home. I've been sorting and cataloging the nearly two thousand pictures we took on vacation and it's going to take a while to separate the wheat from the chaff. And there is a lot of chaff.

The biggest problem is that mere photos can't capture the sheer beauty of the West. Between sweeping vistas, exotic wildlife and majestic scenery there is just too much to absorb. I've never quite comprehended the vastness of this beautiful country of ours until the last week.

God Bless America.


The Pup said...

Amen. After living in the Midwest, the East just feels so small and crowded.

It makes me think harder about the healthiness of defining America from megapolises (or conglomerations) alone

But it IS good to be home, where-ever that may be.

A Free Man said...

That is a beautiful shot! Didn't break my browser even.

Flyboy said...

Nice job on the pano.

Jeff and Charli Lee said... that I love.

Sorry... it needed to be finished.