Friday, July 03, 2009

Pisa Posers


When I was in Italy this Spring, we had the opportunity to add Pisa to our tour as a day trip. I jumped at the chance. Because if you the chance to pose with the Leaning Tower, you can't pass it up.

The tower is just one part of a much larger and very beautiful complex. The inside of the adjacent church is just gorgeous, but it's the tower people come to see. And be seen with.

Once I got my picture taken, I was taken aback by the hundreds of people also performing the same pose. Out of context they look kind of silly. And I could not resist taking a few pictures of them as well. Here are a few of the best:

My wife being a good sport.

They had a fence around the lawn, so lots of people stood on the stone posts to get the right perspective.

And it's hard to get the angle just right.

And if you didn't know what this guy was doing, he'd look mighty foolish. Well, he does anyway.

And at any given moment there are dozens of people all lined up taking the exact same picture.

When I posted my pictures to Flickr (and here is the full set), someone noticed my meta-picture and asked me to submit it to the Pisa pushers pool which is all pictures of people posing with the Leaning Tower. For some reason that sort of circular concept just tickles me to no end.

BlatantCommentWhoring™: What sort of cliched pose have you taken a picture of?


Mooselet said...

I have a picture on my dresser of Miss Thing and Sparky being "crushed" by a steamroller at Disneyworld. I also have one of myself and Her Majesty "kicking" Sparky into the jaws of a great white shark.

Dave2 said...

I decided to skip the Pisa photo when I was there a couple years back. All the drunken photos of my college years was quite cliched enough, thank you very much!

DemetriosX said...

Can't say I've ever gone for a cliched pose other than standing in front of something. But Pisa was cool. I spent a couple of hours there back in 1980. The climb to the top of the tower was worth it, although the stairs were very slippery. Looks like you didn't have the opportunity.

yellojkt said...

I was going to go for the climb, but it was 20 euros and you had to get a timed ticket. We were only there two hours and the last time I could have done it sold out while I was in line.

DemetriosX said...

Wow, when I was there I don't think we had to pay, unless it was part of the whole package. It certainly wasn't timed. I spent a long time up there and took a lot of pictures. It's quite a view and might actually be worth the 20 euros.

yellojkt said...

It's definitely on my list of things to do the next time I'm in Pisa.

Ed & Jeanne said...

Of course you realize they don't allow you in the building anymore...

A Free Man said...

I love that last shot, just fantastic!

Flasshe said...

I'd hate to see what some of these people do around the Washington Monument.

td said...

Great photo. Somewhere in this world is a photo my wife took of me holding up Stonehenge. Same concept. Too funny.