Saturday, January 23, 2010

Where Is Yellojkt? Winter Getaway Edition

I'm having a hard time getting up any sympathy from coworkers, but my boss decided I was the right person to go with her to a conference in a climate known for its warm winter weather although last week that definitely wasn't the case. Today though, it is expected to be in the upper 70s.

Never wanting to miss a chance to turn a business trip into a romantic getaway, I arranged for my wife to come along. Since we had waited so long to make reservations, the official convention hotel was sold out at the Conference Package Rate and only had rooms available at the Rape Winter Tourists Rate. Instead we found a 'resort' just down the road to stay at. It offers two-bedroom condos for half the price of a hotel room.

In reality, this place is a residential development that bottomed out with the Florida Land Bust of '08 and converted the unsold units into short stay rentals. And when we arrived, we had been mysteriously upgraded to a three bedroom townhouse. The place was as big as my townhouse in Maryland. And while daily maid service is not included in the rate, they do have towels folded swan style when you get there.

My boss is in a unit of her own, so just my wife and I are rattling around in this huge vacation rental more suitable for family reunion or a traveling softball team. Last night we had dinner at Tu Tu Tango which has live starving artists and belly dancers and fortune tellers. Tonight I'm going to try to talk my wife into a cheesy dinner theater and hope she doesn't spend too much money while I am in long boring seminars.

So this morning, not having to go to dreadful meetings until later this afternoon, I jogged the 1.25 miles (as measured by the GPS/pedometer feature of my Droid) over to this building:

So the challenge for this round of Where Is Yellojkt is:
  1. What city am I in?
  2. What is that big odd building?
  3. What conference am I attending?
  4. Bonus round: What 'resort' am I staying at?
And just so you can sympathize with me a little, the top on the rental convertible doesn't even work.


Thumper said...

I suck at figuring things out, but I can sympathize with the nonworking ragtop. That's enough to ruin a good time!

Steampunk T said...


Sue T. said...

Would this be the Swan & Dolphin Resort at Disney World?

yellojkt said...

Orlando yes. AHR yes. The swan towel was a red Herring. This place has more of an International / Universal feel.

Anonymous said...

Orange Cty. Convention Ctr.
Maybe the Vista Cay Condos?

Anonymous said...

anonymous=MsJS, at least today

yellojkt said...

We have a winner. MsJS gets the stalker tracker award.