Sunday, June 12, 2011

Women of AfterMaximEllen

You would not think the readers of Maxim magazine, typically hormonally flush and barely literate young men, and of, a lesbian entertainment site, have much in common but they do. They both appreciate incredibly hawt women. Each annually publishes a list of the hottest 100 women in the world.

The Maxim list typically includes a mix of movie and television stars as well as a bevy of models the normal person would not be familiar with unless they kept scrupulous records involving the Sport Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.

AfterEllen's list tends to be more eclectic. The typical Maxim reader is not going to get that worked up over Rachel Maddow (#22) or the lesbian twin sister folk-rock duo Tegan and Sara (#12 and #11 respectively. The do have the courtesy of noting the 28 or so women on the list which are officially 'out' as bisexual or lesbian so readers know when to get their hopes up. Although hope can spring eternal.

So as a service to the lesbian-friendly but testosterone laden community I have painstakingly combed both lists and compiled all the overlaps between the two. In order to rank them I have added their place on the Maxim list with the AfterEllen count to come up with the PanSexualHotnessQuotient (PSHQ). So without further ado here are the hottest women regardless of the equipment you are wearing.

Rank Hottie Maxim AfterEllen
16 Zoe Saldana

37 93
15 Sofia Vergara

29 82
14 Emma Stone

42 68
13 Lindsay Lohan
38 67
12 Emma Watson

69 33
11 Anna Paquin

68 23
10Scarlett Johansson

14 71
9 Megan Fox

17 50
8 Evan Rachel Wood

31 36
7 Jordana Brewster

11 49
6 Sarah Shahi

24 28
5 Naya Rivera

43 1
4 Natalie Portman

8 35
3 Lea Michele

28 10
2 Mila Kunis

5 19
1 Olivia Wilde

16 5

So Olivia Wilde is the woman that cranks everybody crank. Just in case the name does not mean anything to you, here she is in her best known movie role as Hot Tron Girl Who Lounges Sexily On A Sofa.

So I will be looking for more from her in the future. Or perhaps looking for less.


Anonymous said...

Intriguing...but I'm curious: it seems like a lot of the photos you've chosen aren't terribly flattering...weird lighting, bad makeup, etc. It's not that the women themselves look bad (in my taste), but some of the photos...

yellojkt said...

I stole all the photos from the AfterEllen website (shh, don't tell them). The one of Anna Paquin is particularly frightening.

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