Thursday, June 02, 2011

The Women Of Weiner

There are many angles to the latest news scandal about how Congressman Andrew Weiner allegedly sent a college co-ed a photo of his semi-turgid member underneath his underwear. Now the actual origin and vector of that photo will be Zaprudered for weeks to come, but one interesting point was made by recent college co-ed and Washington Post humor blogger Alexandra Petri about the composition of Rep. Weiner's twitter followees.
And of the 200 people @RepWeiner follows on Twitter, a surprising number (well, more than zero, at any rate) do seem to be what might be termed nubile out-of-state houris.
Deciding to not take her word for it, I conducted my own independent investigation. Here is a smorgasbord of the people Weiner finds interesting.

Representative Capps is a coworker and colleague. Nothing out of line here.

Another fellow congresscritter. Arguably cuter. And single.

A CNN anchor. A guy has to stay informed. Who cares if she's a newsbabe? It's the quality of the reporting that counts, right?

An up-and-coming journalist. Makes sense to have some friends in the Fourth Estate.

A New Yorker. Possibly a constituent. You have to keep up with the common people.

I gotta dispute the 'body of a trucker' description. She seems pretty cute and at least she's a New Yorker.

Another New Yorker. Who cares if she's in the fashion industry and blazing hott?

A woman with a strong opinion on an important issue.

Another political junkie. One who wears really cute hats.

A lot of enthusiasm, but it seems to be mostly for the internet start-up she's associated with as evidence by this tweet elliptically referencing the current kerfuffle:
I'm pretty sure I only have room for one Brooklyn Weiner in my life...@DoSomething CTO George Weiner. Follow him @GeorgecaWeiner #15minutes

Now we are moving into some dangerous territory. There is no obvious connection to politics or New York but she does rock the brainy glasses.

At least we are back to politics. Incidentally, Lady Fox Fyre's twitter feed is invite-only and she only has 30 followers, so our congressman is in pretty select company.

A college student from Pennsylvania. Tsk, tsk, these are the sort of follows that get you a reputation, Andrew. Ms DeVinney does have this to say:

I normally TRY not to generalize but anyone who thinks Weiner sent a picture from his TWITTER is an idiot. GOP care about something real.

At least she is a college professor but there is a little bit of a come hither tone in the profile.

A cutie with this to say as well:

Poverty, education, healthcare, corporate greed, & Snooki's car accident. Seriously, there are way more important things to report about.

Another invite-only feed, but once you have 'kitten' and 'X' in your handle, there some innuendo going on.

An anonymous woman with no profile photo but a twitter handle that is brainy and sexy.

When it comes to suggestive handles and profile photos, it doesn't get more risque that this.

And once you have hearts and a call-out to Anaïs Nin in your profile description, a line has been crossed.

Perhaps I'm following the wrong track. Maybe the issue shouldn't be who Weiner would like to tweet his wiener to, but who would appreciate such a tweet.

Weiner and Stewart are actual friends so it seems odd that he follows the gay parody twitter feed rather than the real thing.

Not sayin' a thing.

If you are tweeting crotch shots as a constituent service, this would be the place to send it.

Only because when you are discussing Weiner, there is a legal obligation to make a Boehner joke as well.

From this rather prejudiced and selectively organized sub-list feel free to draw your own conclusions. But, please, please, please, do not stalk these otherwise innocent bystanders and by all means don't try to frame any outspoken congressmen by faking a junk shot and framing them as the recipient.


jfruh said...

Since Weiner is married to Huma Abedin, I'm guessing Hema is an in-law?

PS Sorry didn't hook up in NYC -- we were booked solid. What did you think of the show?

yellojkt said...

Huma is a stone cold hottie as well. That was a good catch on his part.

Forzest said...

yes it was a very good catch in their favor., said...

The writer is totally fair, and there is no question.

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