Tuesday, December 06, 2005

No You May Not

I like to back track memes I get tagged with to see if I can follow them to the source. When trusty tagged me, he had been tagged by Patricide who had been tagged by Cooking by Anne who had been tagged by Dandelions and Roses who had been tagged by Mrs. Diamond. That's where the trail went cold. It seems you need a username and password to get into that blog. I've never been to a gated cyber-neighborhood before, but I know when I'm not wanted.

Here's the actual meme which has stayed intact for at least five generations:

List 5 things people may not know about you and tag 5 people to do the same.

I'm going to play fussy obtuse grammarian and subvert the paradigm here. I'm going to tell you five things you MAY NOT know about me, not five things you MIGHT NOT know about me. There is a difference.
  1. My real name. I prefer to use yellojkt as my nom de web. Not that the clever person can't figure out my real name, but it's fairly common. Common enough to get lots of wrong numbers over the years. As far as I know, there is only one yellojkt.
  2. My address, social security number, mother's maiden name, or PIN number. There seem to be a lot of curious people from very obscure banks that want to know this. Not to mention the fine folks at eBay and PayPal that keep threatening to freeze my account.
  3. My IQ. Mostly because I do not know it. My mother had me tested in high school to get me eligible for all sorts of programs I had no desire to be in. I refused to be told what it was. These are meaningless numbers.
  4. My SAT scores, GPA, or class rank. These numbers I do know, but that was over twenty years ago. Anyone still gloating or bitter over these things needs to get a life. Statistically insignificant differences in these numbers seemed very important to a lot of people at the time, but haven't impacted my life in any way in a long time.
  5. My shirt size. Not that I care if you know, but without the information in items 1 and 2, you are not going to be able to buy me any new shirts for Christmas.

Since I am being a smart-ass, I am not going to bother to tag anyone, but if you want to carry on my cause, feel free to do so. You may want to include your weight, the name of your first lover, your favorite sexual position, the reason you are in the witness protection plan, or a lot of other things people have no reason, right, or need to know.


Anne Coleman said...


I love the new twist.

Kim said...

Michele sent me! I've never thought to go backwards with a meme to see where it generated from. Clever idea!

trusty getto said...

Well, once again, I've been outdone.

You MAY learn my IQ as a prize. It's 53.


yellojkt said...

False modesty doesn't become you, trusty. That must be the score after you passsed the bar exam. I'm sure it was much higher before you went to law school.

Anonymous said...

Fussy, obtuse grammarians are irritating to some people. (I know this from bitter personal experience.)

But I'm impressed by your cleverness.

The good news is, you've found your peer group. The bad news is, well, you've found your peer group.

Mooselet said...

You're an evil, evil person yellojkt... which is why I like you.

This obtuseness reminds me of an old friend's father who used to deny me permission to use the loo if I said "Can I?" or "May I borrow...". Good grammar makes good memories.

Your Mother said...

I'm with you. I'm not divulging anystuff!

Bonvallet said...

Haha that's funny. I back tracked my meme too.

Suburban Turmoil said...

What the... Your name's not Yellojkt? Damn. I feel used.

Anonymous said...

I've found that IQs are just meaningless numbers as well. Based on my IQ and lots of my family's IQs, everyone is bordering on "genius," even though I know for sure that some are much more intelligent than others.s

Anonymous said...

So...your real name is John Smith is it? BTW, what's a meme? :) I think I know what a track back is but I don't know how to do one or if my blog allows that. I am learning all the time as I blog along!