Thursday, December 22, 2005

Non-Denominational Winter Gift-Giving Holiday Greeting

My blogroll is a pretty eclectic collection of links that I have picked up in the last few months. There are a lot of very interesting people in the blogosphere and I know I have only scratched the surface of the great blogs out there. I have picked them up from the Comics Curmudgeon site, out of the mommy-blogger heavy camp-followers of Michele Agnew, and the rather brainy group that are attracted like intellect-seeking mosquitoes drawn to the Achenblog. Getting to “know” other bloggers has been the unintended benefit of my blogging. These are only a few of the great people I never would have run across in the real world, but I’m glad I have found here.

Trusty Getto is a really great guy. He’s a lawyer, drives a fancy car, lives in a gorgeous old house, and has the two most adorable blond moppets I have ever seen on the web. Plus he writes witty blogposts, serves as a school board official and flirts shamelessly with mean girl. Some people are too perfect.

Princssis doesn’t blog very much, at least nowhere near as often as her friend Blond Girl, but she was the very first person to add me to her blogroll, and you never forget your first. Even when she is blogcationing, I go by and look for news.

Plain Jane is one of the newest people on my blogroll and I am kicking myself for not finding her blog earlier. Funny, sassy and in tune with life.

J. Po is one of the funniest of the Comics Cardinals and he has started a blog for his non-comics related observations. Ginzu-knife sharp wit with a grounded sense of family life Thank goodness there are so many people so much funnier than me.

Read-Think-Live who goes by reader on the Achenblog is usually good for a little mental stimulation. Books, art, and philosophy are all in her cultural reference quiver and it shames me when she makes a Vonnegut reference quicker than I do.

Claude aka ccradio is a fellow Baltimoron who has the thankless burden in life of working for City of Baltimore Public Schools. I like having someone on my blogroll I can make inside regional jokes with.

On the other side of the world is one of my many international readers, Mooselet, whose fascination with hunky Australian rugby players borders on the obsessive.

If you aren’t on my list here, I haven’t forgotten you. I appreciate everyone that reads my blog at any frequency they desire. Just check your bloglogs and you know I am a loyal reader visiting your site way too often as well.

I want to send everyone on my blogroll, in my favorites list, and filed away at my site a very happy holiday wish that they can use for whatever religious/secular/pop-culture festive occasion they choose to celebrate or ignore. And I know I have already missed Winter Solstice for the pagans/Wiccans/whatevers out there. Harvest some more mistletoe next year for me.


Mooselet said...

I am TOO obsessed... I mean not, I mean.... oh bugger it!

Have yourself a wonderful Christmas yellojkt. I will be thinking of you, and everyone in the Northern Hemisphere, as we bake in the 100+ degree heat. Christmas in summer just isn't right...

J.Po said...

Thanx for the props, yello, and have a wonderful Christmas!

trusty getto said...

Ho, ho, ho, YJ! That's so very nice of you to say, particularly out loud on your blog !!! :)

Now, I don't think the word "perfect" would ever have come to mind when reflecting on my attributes, but, hey, I'll take whatever I can get these days!

Merry, Merry Christmas to you and to your family.


Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas to you and your family!


Read/Think/Live said...

Hey, thanks for the kind words. You are an inspiration in the blogosphere. I didn't see this post earlier because in the run-up to Christmas I was super busy and didn't make my blog rounds exhaustively. This will teach me. The way I came across this tonight is by checking my Achenblog on the search engine link, which keeps track of which blogs are mentioning the A-blog. It's fun in a "meta" sort of way.

Thanks again. See ya around.