Saturday, December 31, 2005

Year End Top Ten

For the end of the year and to indulge in a little self-admiration, I have compiled what I think are my best and most representative posts over the past year. Since I have only been blogging seriously for five months, this should have been easy, but I'm so narcissistic I managed to actually fit 13 posts into the Top 10 list. It’s kind of cheating, but it puts all my favorites in one place where I can easily find them for future reference. Click and enjoy.

Stroke my ego and let me know if there was something else I wrote this year that you liked better than these lame attempts. Or shamelessly plug the favorite post that you wrote in the past year.(Please link directly to your post, not just to your blog. Even I have my patience.)

10. What Makes A Good Blog?

A naïve early post full of earnest advice I should pay more attention to. Obviously a rhetorical question I haven't quite found the answer to yet.

9. Supreme Court Options
Dubya should have taken my advice.

8. Fine 70’s Cheese
The definitive list of bad hits from the 1970s.

7. Alligator Mouth, Hummingbird Rump
My single-handed, and so far unsuccessful, attempt to make lame Gil Thorp dialog a pop-culture catch-phrase.

6. Hottest. Columnist. Ever.
My profession of lust for brainy, beautiful, and bitterly funny Maureen Dowd.

5. Rock Is Dead What Else Is New?
Pop-culture commentary about the current state of rock music.

4. Giving Thanks
A post that is both sincere and heart-felt. Very atypical for me.

3. The Foobiverse Saga.
My four-part and growing deconstruction of For Better Or For Worse, inside and out. My number one traffic generator. Snarking about foobs is like blogcrack to to a Sitemeter addict like me.
History of The Foobiverse, Part 1. Saves you $16.95 (CDN$24.95) on Suddenly Silver as a quick recap of the Patterson clan over the years.
Meet The Foobs. Dissections of the major characters. Definitely not the official bios.
Attack Of The Foobs. More about the minor characters than you care to know. And more than I should admit to knowing.
A Tour of Foob Central. A wide-eyed look at the FBorFW website. And I mean wide-eyed in the worst possible way.

2. Hottest. Woman. Ever.
The true-life story of when I stalked Angelina Jolie. Every blogger should write at least one post about AJ just to keep all the HornyGooglers® busy. Oh, and misspell her name at least once so you get the hits from other people with poor proofreading skills.

1. 100 Things About My Dog
This is my favorite post of the year because it takes standard blog clichés, like "The 100 Things About Me" post and pictures of pets, and subverts the paradigm by following the formula, but ridiculing it at a metablog level at the same time. At least that was my intent. If you’d just like to learn about my dog, that’s fine too.

Happy New Year! I guarantee more snark in 2006.

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Anonymous said...

Hm. Most of the ones you brought up, I probably would have named as part of your Top Ten.

I have two favorites of mine. The first one would be this:

which generated no comments but did get a positive response from a friend of mine whose opinion I respect.

The other one would be this:

which, despite having only two comments on it (one of them yours, yellojkt) has been the one post that has generated more traffic to my blog than any other. I just think it's a good piece of writing and my only regret would be the event that led to my writing it in the first place.

Sorry if you have to widen your window to see the links in their entirety.

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