Sunday, December 10, 2006

My MySpace Friends

I'm trying to win an iPod Nano. The very popular podcast Keith And The Girl has torn a page from the broadcast radio playbook and is giving out prizes to loyal listeners. The rules are really easy:

  1. Have a Keith and The Girl logo in your MySpace picture.
  2. Keith and The Girl must be in the Top 4 on your MySpace page.
  3. A Keith and the Girl clip must be on your MySpace music player.
  4. Have more that 20 MySpace friends.

When I heard this contest, I knew my best shot would be on the first day, before everyone else got their webpages pimped up. Changing the logo was easy. I just clipped my face over the cartoon Keet and I was good to go. KATG was already in my Top 4 so I should get extra credit. The music player was tough to figure out because I hate music on webpages and had never done it to mine. Chemda in the KATG forums helped me out there.

Getting 20 friends was the tough task. I had about 14 friends and needed to six more in eight hours. I just sent friend requests to all sorts of people and got my list up to 21 in time for the drawing. I didn't win. They have given out about a half dozen more Nanos since then and I'm still waiting for my name to be called.

Next week (Dec 11-15) they are giving out a Nano a day in the Christmas run-up. I feel lucky. Since getting friends is a big part of the contest, I figured I might as well analyze my friends list, which is now up to 42.

Keith and The Girl is a very funny and extremely politically incorrect 'couplecast'. Keith is a stand-up comic. Chemda is "the Girl". If your name was Chemda, you'd go by "the girl" too if you expected people to say the name of your show. She is an erstwhile kid's party clown and an excellent singer. They have a lot of recurring guests that give the show the feel of a huge floating party. Patrice is their gossip columnist who is on most Thursdays and is the highlight of the show. Max is a young cute magician who is also very funny. SexyPotatoE (the 'E' is deliberately ironic) is their high-school intern that has a fund drive to buy herself a laptop.

Keith And The Girl And Friends
Keith and..

Sexy PotatoE
Sponsor A..

Most of my early friends were people that I met through my association with comic strips. Some are fellow comic strip junkies. Some are spoof sites. Some are legit promotional pages. I leave it to you to figure out which are which.

Comics and Comics Fans
Aldo Kelrast
Sheraton ..

A lot of friends from MySpace just accumulate. Since the contest started, I haven't been turning down friends requests. I've even made friends requests to people just because they were on pages of people already on my friends list.

Other Bloggers and Random Strangers
Kevin Zee..
Aj Davis

There all sorts of bands and celebrities with MySpace pages since a few bands have ridden MySpace to fame. These are easy friends to get since the groups have people that do nothing but approve requests. Some of these are famous and some are up and coming. And Pela RAWKS!
Bands and Celebrities
Lisa Rinna

And last, but not least:

Dane Cook

Dane Cook is the hacky but wildly successful comedian that Keith and The Girl hate, but since he brags about how many MySpace friends he has, I figured he was easy pickings.

I also have a lot of other KATG fans in my friends list because of the contest. I'm not linking to any of them. Let them win their own Nano.

BlantantMySpaceWhoring™: You can be my friend, but if you win a Nano before me, I'm cutting you off my list. Ooooh, snap!


Anonymous said...

Just sent you a friend request (tinabgibby)

trusty getto said...

Don't take this the wrong way or anything, but could it be that you have a bit too much time on your hands these days?


Anonymous said...

Does your wife know you're friends with all the underage Luann girls? Does the FBI?

Anonymous said...

I don't have my own MySpace page, but I maintain the page for one of the bands on my record label, the Loud Family, so I sent you a friend request. I will admit to adding Tiffany and Luann as friends as soon as their MySpace addresses showed up in the comic strip...

yellojkt said...

Believe me, I know.

Some blogposts just simmer in my brain for months and the only way to exorcise them is to finally write them down. The actual graphics were just a lot of cutting and pasting from MySpace into Notepad. If I had the ability, I would organize my "friends" the same way, but MySpace is a massively sucky website not worth much effort.

I'll definitely check out the Loud Family page.

The FBI should be checking out Greg Evans. I just know there is a whole closet full of yuri-style artwork that never makes the funny pages.

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

I don't have a desire to be part of the MySpace thing. The pages are too busy and hard to read and too free format for my tastes. Goes against my anal need for order.

Anonymous said...

Wait a second.

What about Tom? Isn't he your friend?

Request pending. Hope it helps.

Anonymous said...

Off topic (I don't grok the whole MySpace thing, anyway), but since you're looking to win stuff, Kottke is running a celebrity Mii contest (

J.Po said...

Would love to help you out here, pal, but despite the fact that I have teenagers and try and keep up with what's going on, I have absolutely no idea What. The. F**k. You're. Talking. About.

yellojkt said...

j. po.,

Don't worry about MySpace. All the cool kids have already moved onto Facebook.

The celebrity mii contest looks like a riot. Thanx for the link.