Tuesday, August 14, 2007

When Harry Met Sally Forth

One of the weekend features of the Washington Post is the Style Invitational Contest. Each week they run some silly competition that is often literary or current events related. One of their staples is the caption contest. This week the former Czar of the SI (rumored to be a close, close friend of Gene Weingarten) suggested giving a cartoon caption and making the contest to describe (but not draw) the cartoon for it. His example was for the caption "When Harry Met Sally Forth".

Harry Truman is at a table with Sally Forth. She is yammering, "So then Ralph said he thought the department should be reorganized and I pointed out that it was just like a man to blah blah blah . . ."

Harry looks at her balefully. Above his head, in a thought balloon, is a vision of her chair, with a mushroom cloud over it.

I have never entered the Style Invitational before, but I would be remiss in my duties as self-declared Worlds Biggest Sally Forth Fan if I did not enter. There were other captions available, but I only came up with entries for the Sally Forth option. The winner gets their idea illustrated by a staff artist, but I decided to risk copyright infringement and mash-up my own illustrations.

Entry 1:

Hilary has been having a tough time fitting into her new school until she takes an after-school class in magic and meets a new friend. Unfortunately Sally has some issues with the ‘tude the black clad buddy keeps giving.

Entry 2:

Sally’s cougar friend Alice has gotten a crush on the young new office worker who happens to be the son of a famous heir to the throne. Unfortunately, Sally has to admonish the two frisky paramours when she catches them in a compromising position.

Entry 3:

Sally has accidentally walked into the house of their neighbors the Hendersons (they live next to the Gezelters) and mistakes their Sasquatch houseguest for her unemployed husband.

In order to keep anyone from sniping my entries, the deadline for the contest was yesterday, so if you had a better idea you are out of luck. Winners will be announced September 1, so watch your WaPo online or check back here to see how I do.

BlatantCommentWhoring™: What famous Harry did I miss?


Chart Smart said...

Nice Blog :}

Anonymous said...

Who'd you miss? In no particular order, Dirty Harry, Debbie Harry, Harry Lime, and Harry the Dirty Dog. The first two might have offered some interesting possibilities.

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

If you ignore the fact that it's spelled wrong, she could have decided to embrace Hare Krishna. But I'd bet the Post isn't that flexible.

2fs said...

Harry Houdini...

Anonymous said...

"Why wax? Ted tells me that Nair leaves him smooth as silk. Or so say his buddies tell him."