Sunday, November 25, 2007

Elementary My Dear

National Blog Posting Month Day 25

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I've been saving this meme that I found at Doghouse Riley's blog for a day when I really didn't feel like blogging and today is that day.

When I first tested my blog a few days ago it rated as Junior High, so I've slipped a little since then. I'm a afraid to run across a Genius blog out of fear I couldn't even read it.

BlatantCommentWhoring™: What is your level?


2fs said...

Probably because my most recent post is an extended engagement with a recent New York Times column, full of lengthy, imbricated sentences and the occasional item of specialized vocabulary, mine gets rated "high school." Oh, sorry: my blog is hard (to phrase it at the "grade school" level ;-)

I'm dubious about these rating systems: they all seem to imply, if not state, that simplicity is always better than complexity. That might be true if you're drafting a memo from Corporate - but for those of us who actually enjoy the language and even play with it sometimes, that approach is anathema.

Alex said...

I scored "junior high" for both my blogs. I'm thinking a lot of these memes take sentence length and amount of non-period punctuation into account rather than word selection. From looking a few different sites, simple and short sentences tend to lower the rating. I'm okay with that. I write the way I think and I'd like to think that I'm capable of addressing all age groups.

Sue T. said...

Mine scored "high school." Maybe 'cause I talked about Shakespeare in my last post...?

TBG said...

OK... this is weird. Mine rated a Genius level and Achenblog only rated Junior High.

I guess it's all that JibJab that sets the tone.

Anonymous said...

I scored in the Elementary level as well. However, when I ran my last two posts through MS-Word's spelling & Grammar checker, it told me that they had a Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level of 9.1. So something's screwy with the algorithm, even though I know I tend to overexplain stuff.