Friday, November 23, 2007

Turkey Day Comics

National Blog Posting Month Day 23

Josh Fruhlinger, THE Comics Curmudgeon, has taken the weekend of to stuff his face full of leftovers. As a public service, I am filling the breach with my own comic strip deconstructions.

What goes together better than turkey and Thanksgiving? Pilgrims and football! Two comic strips pastiche all our great traditions together.

Rhymes With Orange 11/22/07

First, we have sideline footage of the first meeting of the Plimouth Plantation Pilgrims facing off against the Wampanoag Warriors. Goody Elway is calling a Hail Papist Heresy pass.

Bound And Gagged 11/22/07

In addition to stealing maize, cranberries, and lacrosse from the first inhabitants of North America, we also stole the idea of halftime. And it seems the Puritans borrowed the Santa Maria to make their first voyage. And if that is really Christopher Columbus interrupting the big game, shouldn't this cartoon have run last month?

Hat tip to 2fs for recommending me go with comics commentary for a cheap quickie post.

BlatantCommentWhoring™: Are historical anachronisms inherently funny or just lame?


Anonymous said...

Are you kidding!? Where would B.C. be without them?

yellojkt said...

Kinda my point exactly.

2fs said...

You're welcome.

Also: I know this is an absurdly geeky thing to get all peevy about, but...I hate it when people use archaic pronouns incorrectly. "Thee" is second-person objective; the writer should have used "thou"...although I'll confess I'm not sure if "thou" was used in direct address like this, because, you know, it's been a long time since I've spoken with a Pilgrim. Or with the Amish.