Saturday, November 17, 2007

Happy Hour Hijinks

National Blog Posting Month Day 17

Never let anyone convince you that teachers can’t party. One of the schools my wife works at has a happy hour party every Friday. Last night it was at one of the teacher’s house in Arbutus. Let’s see what I remember:

Mai tai
Pomegranate martini
Another pomegranate martini
Three or four mudslide shots
Jello shooter

And I met a lady that truly can tie a cherry stem into a knot with her tongue. I had hitherto thought that was just a sleight of hand parlor trick. Now I’m a believer that it can be done. Not sure what value that skill has, but it does fascinate people.

There is also one disappointed husband out there. He had stayed at home to watch their seven and four year olds while his wife, Teacher A, stopped by the party. Teacher B stole her cell phone and started hot-texting the husband in guise of Teacher A. The first message was “If you’re not up when I get home, you soon will be.” His reply was “Oh my!” It went downhill from there. At one point I was looking the wrong way to catch a particularly spicy cell phone picture being taken.

Unfortunately for her husband, Teacher A was just a little too shnockered to drive home and deliver on any implicit promises made on her behalf. Fortunately for me, my wife is a very dedicated designated driver. On the way home, she noticed that my drivers side mirror had been clipped just enough to spiderweb the mirror. Having some experience with mirror replacement during my son’s student driver days, I know this will exceed my deductible but not be worth filing a claim for. Makes for a very expensive happy hour.

BlatantCommentWhoring™: How was your Friday night?


Anonymous said...

I learned the cherry stem trick on my honeymoon. We took a Baltic Cruise and consumption of many girl drinks left me with a plethora of cherry stems. Not such a hard trick to master - start with long stems and within a few short hours you too will be a pro.

Elizabeth said...

My night was boring, sat on the couch and watched movies. Oh, I can do that with a cherry stem too, like Charlotte said, it just takes practice.

The Mistress of the Dark said...

Mr Murphy and his law were following me around all night and today. I think I need the happy hour. That sangria sure sounds good!

TBG said...

The one person I know who can do the cherry stem thing is a teacher!

Impetua said...

I was working, if you call "holding down an office chair and reading a novel" working. Also, browsing for scrubs on the internet. And coming to the realization that NURSING SCHOOL STARTS IN ABOUT SIX WEEKS.

Where's that pomegranate martini?!

2fs said...

Hmmm...went out for Chinese food with Rose, came home and watched a DVD (The Prestige); she went to bed, I stayed up and blogged and edited some music. Some information redacted.

As for those tongue-skills: if you were single, you might have asked her how such skills might have transferred to more useful tasks...

yellojkt said...

A girl that can tie cherry stems is in demand for the same reason that a guy that lick his nose is.