Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Quick Hits

To break my blogger-block, here are some quick hits to refresh the feed:

Led Zeppelin is reuniting with 87.5% of the genetic material of the original line-up. If a friend had seats either on the floor or in the first 10 rows of the lower bowl, how much would you pay to see them play?
"Torqueberto" Gonzales has been named Lawyer Of The Year by the American Bar Association. In other news, Michael Vick has been named Pet Owner Of The Year and Lindsay Lohan is Motor Trend's Driver Of The Year.
The definition of chutzpah: Drew Peterson, the former cop whose fourth wife disappeared after she wouldn’t eat her toadstools, has set up a website for donations so that his kids can have presents this Christmas.
Jessica Alba is now added to the list of celebrity MILFs-to-be that failed to include me in their plans to start a family. I feel like revoking her Hottest Movie Stripper award.

BlatantCommentWhoring™: What scary street corner preacher does Robert Plant resemble in that photo?


Anonymous said...

While I enjoy Led Zeppelin and turn up the radio if they happen to come on (except for Stairway, I'm tired of it), I wouldn't pay a penny to see Zep. Heck, I'm not sure I'd go if offered free tickets to the best seat in the house. For one thing, they have a reputation for being horribly inconsistent on stage and anyone who has seen Song Remains the Same (perhaps the most aptly titled film of all time) while not in a chemically altered state of consciousness would have to be very wary of attending one of their concerts.

I also have several issues with Mr. Plant regarding plagiarism. He has had no problem ripping off old black men and dead Mexican kids (going "Aah, aah" instead of "Ooh, ooh" does not make a new song) and stealing the name of a band, but he whines incessantly that David Coverdale sings like him. Bah!

That picture of him is a weird mixture of Ian Anderson, Peter Finch in Network, Donald Sutherland in Day of the Locust, and one of the Bridges brothers.

trusty getto said...

I'd certainly trade my now-worthless ABA card for a ticket to a Zep show.

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

Jessica Alba gets my vote for cutest celebrity to keep ending up in her underpants in movies. Is there a list for that?

2fs said...

I think Plant looks like Bert Lahr.