Friday, June 20, 2008

FiOS Follies 3

The last time I left off on this tragic tale, I told of my new high-def television and no high-def signal to use it on. I had called to get an HD set-top but was told that they were out of stock until the end of March. Well, in April I went and gave them a call. By now I had decided that I really wanted an HD-DVR downstairs so that I could record and watch all those great nature shows and maybe the next season of The L Word. I got the usual pass around from tech support to orders to billings. It seems my old order was still in the system and had to be deleted before I could request a different box.

I was told it would take a few hours to cancel the old order and that I would have my new box in three to five days. That was two months ago.

Yesterday, my wife had some spare time so she said she would give then a call. Again they told us it would be a few days. Today we went out for a late night at BigBoxOfBooks. When we got back at about eleven there was a box on the steps that hadn't been there when we left at six. My wife looked puzzled and said she hadn't ordered anything off the internet lately.

It turns out that it was the new set top box. After running some new wires around I had Showtime in HD just in time for the reruns of Weeds, Secret Diary Of A Call Girl, and Penn and Teller's Bullshit: The War on Porn. Penn Jillette is explaining how porn is healthy and wholesome. At least on premium cable. And in high definition.

BlatantCommentWhoring®: Would anyone pay for premium channels if there weren't late night smutty pseudo-documentaries?


Alex said...

I had premium cable for a year or two, when it was on special. I mostly watched movies either on those channels or their respective On Demand channels. When the deal died, so did the premium. It just isn't worth the extra dough.

I do miss Now Penn & Teller, though. Whether pushing their agenda or not, it was always entertaining. Top showmen in my book, their presentation was always well done and funny.

Elizabeth said...

I don't get any TV channels right now, but I get all my shows and movies through Netflix. I love Penn&Teller, I've started getting the new season that just came out!

The Mistress of the Dark said...

Has anyone watched Secret Diaries Of A Call Girl. Piper annoys the hell out of me on Doctor Who, but somehow I think this role is more up her alley and I'm tempted to watch.

We don't pay for premium channels anymore, because we don't watch them ever :(

yellojkt said...

So far there has only been one episode of SDoaCG and it was a little uneven. Perhaps it gets better.