Saturday, November 15, 2008

Frii The Miis

Our family used to have a Wii but it followed my son to college. So I was shocked to sii a brand new one on the dining room table one afternoon. I asked my wife why shii had gotten a Wii. Shii said because they were on sale at BigMembershipWarehouse-OfOversizedStuff for five dollars less than regular riitail. Can’t argue with that logic.

But you can’t play a Wii without a Mii. My previous Mii which I have been using as an avatar all over the place is now trapped in the lost Wii off at college so I had to start over. The key fiitures are an oval face, pale complexion, short reddish hair and glasses.

While the new Mii looks better, I miss the smirk of the old Mii.

There is still no way to get a Mii onto a computer. You can carrii Miis around in your Wiimote when you travel and transfer them to different Wiis, but they can’t leave the Wiiniverse. As before I resorted to the photo capture kludge of taking a photo of my Mii off the TiiVii and uploading it into my computer

So I make this plli to the powers that bii at Nintendo: Pliise frii our Miis. Let them bii where wii can sii them on our PiiCii. Don’t be so griidy by kiipping the Miis proprietarii.

I would be diilighted if you would help mii with my follii. Let us siize the day and put this scriid on every site you sii:

Frii The Miis!


2fs said...

I believe the labels for this post should be "giik" and "miim"...

yellojkt said...

I beliive you are right.

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

So why didn't you re-smirk the new one? They didn't lose the smirk option in the new version did they?

Heh... my captcha is "bleve" but I'm going to type it as "bliiv" just to kiip the spirit of this post.

Anonymous said...

You wouldn't miss the smirk if you weren't such a Sally Forth fan. I'm just saying.

Frank Hudson said...

But I must say, the fact that Miis can never leave the Wii universe is disappointing. This plea to Nintendo, “Free our Miis,” and enable them to exist outside of Wii space speaks of the need for more flexibility and accessibility.

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